When you imagine a vacation to The Palm Beaches, the image is clear—sandy shores, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and grand boulevards lined with palm trees. Our sunny destination is so much more than 47 miles of coastline, though. For those arts and cultural vacationers who want to take a trip off the beaten path, head to the western communities of The Palm Beaches for plenty of arts and cultural fun.

The performing arts shine in Belle Glade

Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center Belle Glades Backstage


There’s no better place to experience the performing arts in Belle Glade than at the Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center, located within the city’s Palm Beach State College campus. From August to March, this exceptional venue welcomes acrobats, musicians, symphonies, musicals, ballets, operas and so much more to locals and visitors alike. On top of that, the Dolly Hand also features a wide variety of programs and performances suitable for young children to enjoy—perfect for families traveling to The Palm Beaches!

Celebrate the annual harvest in style

Black Gold Jubilee Night 2017


With a motto that reads “Her Soil is Her Fortune,” it’s no surprise that the City of Belle Glade’s main industry is agriculture. Thus, the end of harvest season is a time to celebrate!  Join the community-wide annual celebration, the Black Gold Jubilee (named in honor of the city’s rich soil), for exciting events, music, food and plenty of fun. The jubilee happens each year in April on Torry Island, a beautiful natural area on the coast of Florida’s “inland sea,” Lake Okeechobee, just outside of the city limits.

Travel back in time

Yesteryear Village West Palm Beach


You won’t need a DeLorean traveling at 88 miles-per-hour to travel back in time during your stay in The Palm Beaches—all you need is a ticket to Yesteryear Village. This unique cultural organization is, in fact, a ‘living cultural history park’ welcoming guests of all ages to enjoy the simple pleasures of another time. You’ll be able to visit an old schoolhouse, general store, blacksmith and farm…but the real highlight of the park are the residents who will eagerly tell you their pre-1940 stories!

Have a wild time in Loxahatchee


We’d be ‘lion’ to you if we didn’t call Lion Country Safari a must-see during your trip to the Florida’s Cultural Capital! One of the destination’s most popular attractions, the 300-acre park is a spectacular highlight located in Loxahatchee, about a half-hour drive from downtown West Palm Beach. Here, you can experience Florida’s only drive-through safari (featuring rhinos, giraffes and lions), an on-site amusement park with rides and dining, and a few special animal experiences—including a one-of-a-kind giraffe feeding!

A fair to remember

South Florida Fair


The bright midway lights, the intoxicating smell of fried dough, the sound of cheer as someone wins an oversize teddy bear—who doesn’t love a good fair? For over a century (!), the South Florida Fair has graced this destination with all of these delights and every year, it gets better and better. Fans of popular music won’t want to miss each night’s concert lineup, which in the past has included Grand Funk Railroad, Hoobastank, Dr. John and so many more. Don’t miss it if you’re planning on visiting from mid-January to early February!

North, South, East, West—all points lead to arts and culture when you plan your trip to The Palm Beaches, Florida’s Cultural Capital. Take a closer look at our destination’s seven cultural regions online (or download the PDF guide) and find which one you and your family will travel to next!