Artist Ambassadors

These three Artist Ambassadors champion the Council and its mission while serving as a subject matter expert and liaison between creative professionals in the industry and cultural organizations that support their respective disciplines. Learn more about the Ambassadors below, and look forward to more resources coming soon.

Autumn Kioti Horne

Autumn Kioti Horne (they/them) is a union affiliated actor, interdisciplinary artist, master naturalist, educator, director, writer, and retired circus aerialist. A South Florida native and erstwhile New Yorker, they have worked in many theatres, with educational programs and developmental projects, as well as serving as artistic and creative director for children’s and professional theatres respectively throughout the region during their 30 year career. They honed their craft(s) by working everywhere from La Mama NYC, to a mall in Indonesia, to the streets of Italy, and continue to learn every day, imagining, as E.E. Cummings said, “that yes is the only living thing.”

Lindsey Mills

Lindsey Mills (she/they) is a multimedia creatrix, bassist of indie rock band Surfer Blood, fifth generation Floridian, and gender-nonconforming swamp witch. Lindsey records & releases her own music, creates visual projections and music videos, curates events, and most recently, added digital collectibles to her body of work.

Desiree Reavis

Desiree Karnis Reavis is an influential spoken word artist, dedicated host, and visionary event producer with a passion for advocating for artists. She has championed the power of poetry over the past two decades, curating and producing countless shows and community events throughout South Florida while providing a platform for emerging artists and poets to shine. Her commitment to fostering creativity has led Desiree to cultivate numerous community poetry workshops, including founding the National Poetry Month Youth Summit, a platform to empower the next generation of wordsmiths to find their voice and express their truth.