Curator Conversation: “Modern Love” and “Dina Baker: New Selections from the Studio”

Cultural Council of Palm Beach County

Nichole Hickey, Manager of Artist ServicesSince Valentine’s Day is around the corner, why not hang a concept show about love? It’s not a cheesy, hearts-and-candies show—and not simply themed on the love of self or another—but also the environment, a memory, a gesture or an abstract idea. As a curator, I’m always exploring ways to challenge an artist to create something for a show that makes both the artist and the viewer contemplate beyond the artwork itself. Selecting a group of artists to participate is never an easy task, but I believe they’ve done justice to the theme of love. Since I called out to these individuals (many of whom created new work for the show, which I personally love), I’ve witnessed the challenges, trials and tribulations of the process and the passion behind creating their works—works that brought back memories and showed tenderness in other ways. This exhibition will offer new names on the Council walls, as well as new concepts to consider in the theme of love, among others.

I’d also like to mention that we have the fabulous Dina Baker on display in our Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center. Ms. Baker has been a generous supporter and contributor of the Cultural Council, especially her annual gift of the Dina Baker Prize for Mature Female Artists over the last four years. This prize enables women of a certain age to continue with their passion for the arts. A big thank-you to Ms. Baker for her tremendous generosity! Please come and view her recent work at the Cultural Council through February 16.