Our galleries, located in the Robert M. Montgomery, Jr. Building at 601 Lake Avenue in downtown Lake Worth Beach, are free and open to the public Tuesdays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 12 p.m to 5 p.m.

Our main gallery and Donald M. Ephraim Family Gallery showcase ongoing temporary exhibitions focused on art made in or unique to Palm Beach County. The exhibitions educate the public about art and artists, and provide exposure to artists in Palm Beach County so they can be more successful.

Further, with the Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center and Sallie and Berton E. Korman Education and Training Center, the Council focuses on the creation of art – How does the artist create? What process does he/she use? What does it take to make art? This carries through to all media of art: visual, music, dance, theatre, etc.

Directly south of the Robert M. Montgomery, Jr. Building is the Cultural Council’s Project Space, which is used for rotating sculpture displays and occasional events, and offers a view of the Martin Luther King, Jr. mural by Brazilian artist, Eduardo Kobra, on the back of the main building.

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Main Gallery

Joel Cohen - bottle palm (cropped)
Joel Cohen, “Bottle Palm” (detail), 2019, photograph on archival textured paper

Natural Narrative

February 14 through May 30
Member Preview: February 13, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. | RSVP Online »

There are many reasons why people move to Palm Beach County—the amazing weather, exciting arts and culture, and a variety of outdoor experiences. With this growth in population, there comes a need to explore the impact on local environment. This exhibition features installations, photography and more that illustrate each artist’s perspective on the topic of nature.

This exhibition is curated by Nichole M. Hickey.


Anthony Burks, Sr.
Joel Cohen
Marleen De Waele-De Bock
Arlene Florence
Nicole Galluccio
Peggy Greenfield
Lucy M.F. Keshavarz
James Knill
Allison Kotzig
Tina Kraft
Franne Lee
Cynthia Maronet
Frank Navarrete
Barry Seidman
Shannon S. Torrence
Carin Wagner
Camilla Webster
Proceeds from artwork sales directly benefit local artists and support the Council’s mission to grow arts and culture in Palm Beach County.

Artist Lectures

Camilla Webster | March 14    RSVP
James Knill | March 21    RSVP
Franne Lee | April 11    RSVP
Joel Cohen | May 16    RSVP

Lecture artists and schedule may be subject to change.

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The Frances and Jeffrey Fisher Charitable Foundation, Inc.

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Donald M. Ephraim Family Gallery

Brooklyn Book Festival poster 2019 - Raul Colon

Raúl Colón

January 25 through February 29

“Art is a lie that makes us realize truth” is a Pablo Picasso quote that Raúl Colón often invokes because, to him, the statement is true.

Colón is an artist and illustrator interested in the possibilities that the visual image can bring to the minds of others who see it. “No matter if it’s editorial art produced for magazines, posters, murals or art for art’s sake… the visualization of ideas has been with humanity since ancient times,” says Colón. “I’m glad to be able to work in the visual arts, especially when I produce pieces that may inspire young viewers as I once was inspired by children’s picture books.”

Colón was born in New York City, studied art in Puerto Rico and designed puppets and animated films in Florida. An illustrator of over 30 books for children, Colón has received a Golden Kite Award, a Pura Belpré Award and both a gold and silver medal in the Original Art show.

Image: “Brooklyn Book Festival poster”
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Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center

Inside the Private View #1 - Philip Ross Munro

P H I L I P   R O S S   M U N R O

January 25 through February 22

‘Whether spectacularly beautiful or hideous in import, images and events before the eye are often unseen. Blindness is inherent in humans. The question is whether it be inherited or accidental; chosen, denied or desired?’

A scotoma is an area of partial alteration in the visual field, a literal blind spot. Metaphorically and in the figurative senses it is a gap not in the visual function but in the mind’s perception, cognition or world-view. In Medieval Latin it stems from the Greek ‘skótōma’, – giddiness, from ‘skotoun’ – to make dark or from ‘skotos’ – darkness.

Munro’s images conspire within the actions of the participants to ask that you look again and rephrase the questions of what lies before you. Within the parameters of a work by Philip Ross Munro you are never alone.

Munro is a graduate of the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, d.s.a.p. He is an engineer, designer, painter and photographer. To view his works, visit www.philiprossmunro.com.

Image: “Inside the Private View #1,” 2019, photography

Glenda Green - Lava Lamp, 2019

Glenda Green

2019 Dina Baker Fund for Mature Female Artists Grantee

February 29 through March 28

Glenda Green is an abstract artist working in acrylics and mixed media, primarily on wood panels. She is a child of the 1960s, and her work is influenced by the music, fashion and symbolism of that era. Her work has been included in several exhibitions and collections including Art Palm Beach, Paul Fisher Gallery, Lighthouse ArtCenter, Cornell Art Museum, as well as the Coral Springs Museum of Art permanent collection and the Miller Gallery in Cincinnati.

“The paintings in this exhibit are a representation of how my life has been reshaped over the past year,” says Green. “All were inspired by everyday shapes that are a reflection of how I interpret the world. I hope that the energy I put into these paintings will convey feelings of hope, discovery and rebirth.”

A portion of the sales from this exhibition will be donated to help with the devastation of the wildfires in Australia—a passionate cause for Green and her daughter Lily.

Image: “Lava Lamp,” 2019, mixed media, 36 x 36 inches


Future Exhibitions

Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center Gallery

Joe Horton

April 4 through May 2

Philip Paritsky

May 9 through June 6

Donald M. Ephraim Family Gallery

VIA – Voices in Art

March 7 through April 4