Our galleries, located in the Robert M. Montgomery, Jr. Building at 601 Lake Avenue in downtown Lake Worth, are free and open to the public Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2,500 square feet of flexible gallery space showcases ongoing temporary exhibitions focused on art made in or unique to Palm Beach County. The exhibitions educate the public about art and artists, and provide exposure to artists in Palm Beach County so they can be more successful.

Further, with the Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center and Sallie and Berton E. Korman Education and Training Center, the Council focuses on the creation of art – How does the artist create? What process does he/she use? What does it take to make art? This carries through to all media of art: visual, music, dance, theatre, etc.

Directly south of the Robert M. Montgomery, Jr. Building is the Cultural Council’s Project Space, which will feature new sculpture by Lucy Keshavarz (through May 2019) and offers a view of the giant Martin Luther King, Jr. mural by Brazilian artist, Eduardo Kobra.

Cultural Council gallery - 10x10

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Main Gallery

Glenda Green, Sea of Love (detail)
Glenda Green, “Sea of Love” (detail)

Modern Love exhibition logo

Modern Love

February 15 through May 18
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Love is a universal language—whether it’s between two people, the world around us, or even self-love—this complex emotion spans cultures and defines who we are. In this exhibition, there are representations of all facets of love, as a concept, represented in many ways: color, sensation, awareness, empathy or even through nature, technology, dance and beyond. Twenty Palm Beach County artists will be sharing their love in this exhibition, co-curated by artist, educator and designer, Kristin Miller Hopkins.

Artists in the show

Jessica Amaral
Bob Birkenes
Suzanne Blaustein
Amy Broderick
Tim D. Carter
Yury Darashkevich
Rod Faulds
Joshua Finch
Glenda Green
Sarah Knouse
Jill Lavetsky
Henriett Michel
Marvin Minzer
Debbie Mostel
Louise Noakes
Scherer Ouporov
Lisa Rockford
Viridis Art Collective
Mark Walnock
Jeff Whyman
Brenda Zappitell
Flora Zolin

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Donald M. Ephraim Family Gallery

Michael D’Amato - Serra

Michael D’Amato

A Journey Through Shadow, Shape and Structure

February 9 through March 23

Having the luxury of traveling extensively over the years has afforded Michael D’Amato to experience and capture some of the most amazing sights in the world. Though largely self-taught, D’Amato finds moments in a certain breath that is truly his own. Focused on geometry, architecture, light and shadow, there are one-of-a-kind stills that makes the viewer pause and absorb the work in their own fascination and wonder.

Image: “Circular Path,” 2017, sculpture by Richard Serra, “The Matter of Time,” Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao Spain, Moab lasal exhibition print, 20 x 16 inches

Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center

Solo exhibitions generously funded by the JP Morgan Chase FoundationJP Morgan Chase logo

Kathryn Carlyle - Agartha

Philip Butera / Kathryn Carlyle

Inspiration and Expression

February 23 through March 23

As Artists Paint your Mind
By Philip Butera
The most exquisite museum
would be filled
with glorious stained-glass walls
where colors and sunshine would combine
as artists
paint your mind.

Image: Kathryn Carlyle, “Agartha,” mixed media and copper leaf, 36 x 48 inches

Joan Eiley - Sunday Afternoon

Joan Eiley

February 23 through March 23

Joan Eiley was born in Montreal. She studied Interior Design with the New York School of interior design where she learned to love drafting. Joan also took additional courses in drawing and pottery with an emphasis on the art of sgraffito. Her move to California in 1977 immersed her in the world of design. She worked with a well-known Interior Designer, and opened her own exclusive showroom selling unique objet d’art gathered during extensive travel through Latin America, Asia and Europe. When Joan and her family moved to Toronto, she opened and directed the acclaimed Joan Eiley Showroom. Catering to the Interior Design trade, she represented important lines of furniture, lighting and accessories from the U.S., Europe and Mexico along with handmade objects and works of art. In 2014, after 30 successful years, Joan closed her showroom and found herself “totally besotted with drawing”. These brush pen and ink drawings on cotton rag paper are a window on her latest artistic trajectory.

Image: “Sunday Afternoon,” 2018, brush pen + ink drawing on cotton rag paper, 14 x 17 inches

Janet Siegel Rogers - Ice Heat

Janet Siegel Rogers

March 30 through April 27

Effortlessly shifting from the softest hues to blazing fields of color, Janet Siegel Rogers has a form of trickery in her work where light plays a major role. Her work is saturated with color, deep in its mood, bringing the viewer in to study not only the brushstrokes, but the way the color shifts with the wax she mixes with the pigment. Some paintings bring the horizon line to a defining halt, while others are melt into one solid-like transference. Earning her Master of Fine Art degree from Pratt, and living for a period of time in the Far East, Rogers has seen light from multiple vantage points. She now lives in South Florida where the light she sees from morning till night continues to inspire her work. Siegel’s relentless motto is: “I do not paint what people see, but I hope they see what I paint.” Rogers has exhibited internationally as well as in multiple public and private collections. janetsiegelrogers.com

Image: “Ice Heat,” oil encaustic on canvas, 36 x 44 inches

Shannon Torrence - Flats at Big Pine Key

Shannon Torrance

A Relation to Everything

March 30 through April 27

Growing up with an abundance of outdoor activities in northern Florida, Shannon Torrence has retained these experiences and journeys and would later transfer them to his current work. His drawing was encouraged at a young age but it took some time to realize that painting was his calling. Primarily self-taught, Mr. Torrence surrounded himself with art and artists while absorbing work in museums and taking classes at the local community college. It wasn’t until a road trip that he had a profound revelation that he could call nature his muse. Looking at his land and seascapes now, you would believe him to be an old master of plein air. The attention to detail, the moonlight on the water, the movement of a cloud is so delicate, one can see the time spent in its consideration. He paints to experience being nature’s witness, ultimately sharing his celebration and moments of unbridled exhilaration with the viewer.

Image: “Flats at Big Pine Key,” 2019, acrylic on 140lb hot press paper, 5 3/4 x 5 3/4 inches


Future Exhibitions

Main Gallery

Biennial 2019

May 31 through August 10

What better way to celebrate the summer than to see an expansive set of artwork presented by local artists? Every two years, professional Palm Beach County artists working in a wide variety of media share their work in the Cultural Council’s biennial summer exhibition. This year’s Biennial 2019 exhibition will be juried by Melanie Johanson, curator of contemporary art at Cornell Art Museum. Prizes will be awarded for Best of Show, Second Place and Third Place, as well as a People’s Choice award—an opportunity for patrons to vote for their favorite.

Entry Deadline: March 21

Call for Entries

Solo Exhibitions

The Cultural Council provides the opportunity for professional artists in Palm Beach County to have an exclusive exhibition in the Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center to assist them as they grow and expand their careers.

Dina Baker Fund for Mature Artists Grantee

May 4 through June 1