Our galleries, located in the Robert M. Montgomery, Jr. Building at 601 Lake Avenue in downtown Lake Worth Beach, are free and open to the public Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2,500 square feet of flexible gallery space showcases ongoing temporary exhibitions focused on art made in or unique to Palm Beach County. The exhibitions educate the public about art and artists, and provide exposure to artists in Palm Beach County so they can be more successful.

Further, with the Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center and Sallie and Berton E. Korman Education and Training Center, the Council focuses on the creation of art – How does the artist create? What process does he/she use? What does it take to make art? This carries through to all media of art: visual, music, dance, theatre, etc.

Directly south of the Robert M. Montgomery, Jr. Building is the Cultural Council’s Project Space, which will feature new sculpture by Lucy Keshavarz (through May 2019) and offers a view of the giant Martin Luther King, Jr. mural by Brazilian artist, Eduardo Kobra.

Cultural Council gallery - 10x10

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Past Exhibitions

Main Gallery

Jacques de Beaufort - VANITAS
Jacques de Beaufort, “VANITAS”

Palm Beach State College Fine Arts Faculty
September 13 through November 9
Member Preview: *Rescheduled to Thursday, September 12

To honor the teaching artists of Palm Beach County, the Cultural Council has partnered with Palm Beach State College, which comprises five campuses throughout the county, to highlight the hard-working individuals that foster creativity day in and day out. The variety of media these teaching artists utilize includes painting, sculpture, digital and more. This exhibition showcases these artists in a semi-juried format and celebrates the new school year with a fall opening.

Featured Artists

Leslie D. Albert
Jessica Amaral
Dogan Arslanoglu
Jacques de Beaufort
Joshua Hunter Davis
Nazare Feliciano
Vernon Grant
Kristin Miller Hopkins
Vincent Lardieri
Charlotte Maloney
Victoria Martin
Gerald O’Sullivan
Samantha Salzinger
Sherry Stephens
Wayne Stephens
Bridgit Stoffer
Heidi Tuby
Adrienne Turk
Proceeds from artwork sales directly benefit local artists and support the Council’s mission to grow arts and culture in Palm Beach County.

Member Preview Sponsors:

Donald M. Ephraim Family Gallery

Bob Chilton - See Thru 2

Bob Chilton
Mirror Mirror

October 5 through November 16

Award-winning Photographer, Bob Chilton pushes the artistic boundaries between art and technology to create unique art pieces. In this exhibition, he uses meticulously placed mirrors to distort perspectives through methods that go beyond simple post-editing. These images ae a testament to the fact that true mastery of the photograph is required with the camera as well as the computer. Chilton has been behind a camera since the “film days”, always searching for the next best way to create art through photography. His artistic eye, combined with studied knowledge of the digital world, allows him to constantly capture the viewers’ attention.

Image: “See Thru 2,” 2019

Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center

Exhibitions in the Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center gallery are generously supported by:

Ignatius - Angela. Free Nature

Mysteries of the Feminine

October 12 through November 9

Ignatius is a European artist who brings a new approach to express the feminine essence stripped of patriarchal signifiers without anti-patriarchal reactions.

He deconstructs his canvases as a symbol representing the removal of prejudices. The mystique unfolds through a build-up of mixed media to create three-dimensional work revealing multiple versions of the female spirit.

As a counterpoint of the internet era, he breaks the monotony of the two-dimensional world and engages the presence of the spectator. Then, in the space between the original myth and the reconstruction, a new critical view of femininity is born.

Ignatius is part of the Agora® Gallery’s artist family established in New York. He currently lives and works in Lake Worth Beach, Florida.

Image: “Angela. Free Nature,” 2019, mixed media, 46 x 60 inches


Future Exhibitions

Main Gallery

Made in Palm Beach

November 22 through February 1

It’s a biennial tradition for the Cultural Council to highlight artists who live in one of the 39 cities and towns throughout Palm Beach County. The professional artists of Palm Beach vary—from traditional painters to eccentric sculptors, and everything in between. What better way to welcome 2020 than with Palm Beach’s finest? Curated by Nichole M. Hickey.

Natural Narrative

February 14 through May 9

There are many reasons why people move to Palm Beach County—the amazing weather, exciting arts and culture, and a variety of outdoor experiences. With this growth in population, there comes a need to explore the impact on local environment. This exhibition features installations, photography and more that illustrate each artist’s perspective on the topic of climate. Curated by Nichole M. Hickey.

Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center Gallery

Talin Lyman

November 16 through December 14

Lynn Amsterdam

December 21 through January 18

Susanne Taylor

January 25 through February 22

2019 Dina Baker Fund for Mature Female Artists Grantee

February 29 through March 28

Joe Horton

April 4 through May 2

Philip Paritsky

May 16 through June 13

Donald M. Ephraim Family Gallery

Faces of Food, Libby Volgyes

November 22 through January 18

Biblioarte – Raul Colon

January 25 through February 29

VIA Women

March 7 through April 4