Our main gallery and Donald M. Ephraim Family Gallery showcase ongoing temporary exhibitions focused on art made in or unique to Palm Beach County. The exhibitions educate the public about art and artists, and provide exposure to artists in Palm Beach County so they can be more successful. Our Solo Gallery serves as a valuable space for artists to exhibit their work in a solo format, be they emerging, mid-career or established artists in the County.
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Current gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 5 p.m. Find current and upcoming exhibitions below, or browse past exhibitions here. Proceeds from artwork sales directly benefit local artists and support the Council’s mission to grow arts and culture in Palm Beach County.

Cultural Council gallery - Made in Palm Beach exhibition


Main Gallery

Joe Horton, Daydreaming (detail), 2020, oil on linen, 16 x 20 inches

Exhibition: January 28 – April 9, 2022
Member Preview: Thursday, January 27, 5:30–7:30 p.m. RSVP Online.

All people wish to be heard and seen for exactly who they are without question or compromise. Artists are uniquely capable of visually capturing and communicating their emotions and essence through their work. This exhibition will include artists who identify as LGBTQ+ as well as artists whose work interrogates issues of rights, representation, and the lived experience of LGBTQ+ individuals. Presented in collaboration with artist Jose Alvarez.


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Solo Gallery

Izel Vargas

Exhibition: January 21 – March 5, 2022
Artist Reception: Friday, January 21, 5–7 p.m. RSVP Online.

Born and raised in South Texas, Izel Vargas’ work uses the context of the borderlands to examine the ever-changing face of the New South—the region of the U.S. that is quickly becoming more and more international. Vargas examines the negotiation of these spaces in relation to personal and cultural histories, oftentimes with a sense of humor. His work actively searches for spaces of cultural hybridity within communities, trying to locate specific sites of contact where new borderlands exist. These sites are familiar areas of community and commonality for immigrants and exiles alike. Intersections such as these provide a wealth of visual information, and at times, allow Vargas to create a home away from home through his images.

Donald M. Ephraim Family Gallery

Ribbon HIV: Manipulated Photographs by Emilio Apontesierra-Paretti

Exhibition: January 7 – February 19, 2022
Artist Reception: Friday, January 7, 5–7 p.m. RSVP Online.

Ribbons have long been symbols of awareness and support. Emilio Apontesierra-Paretti’s manipulated photographs are a metaphorical ribbon to remind us of the ever-present risk of contracting HIV. As a community educator, the artist uses these high contrast black and white images with a touch of red to remind us of the presence of the virus in our world. Emilio pairs each image with a brief, positive statement reminding those who have the disease to take care of themselves and others to always prioritize protection.

Art Talks

Eager to hear more from your local artist community? Visit us for any of the Art Talks below, featuring in-depth conversations with artists participating in the Council’s current exhibitions.

Free admission, registration recommended.
Art Talks run from 2 to 3 p.m.

Jose Alvarez

Jose Alvarez, Human Transformation through Art
February 26, 2022

RSVP Online

Emilio Apontesierra-Paretti

Emilio Apontesierra-Paretti, The Path to Being Heard and Being Seen
March 26, 2022

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NEW! Emerging Collector Tours

Interested in starting or expanding your art collection—or even learning more about the process? The Cultural Council makes it easy for collectors to access important work by both established and emerging Palm Beach County artists. When you purchase a piece from the Council, you’re directly benefiting local artists and supporting our mission to grow arts and culture in Palm Beach County.

In support of this effort, we’re excited to launch Emerging Collector Tours, where collectors at any level can learn more about the works on display in our gallery from participating artists, curators, and other professionals in the field.

For more details on collecting work from the Cultural Council, sign up for our Collector Emails.

Free admission, registration recommended.
Tours run from 2 to 3 p.m.

Emerging Collector Tour: Marc & Livia Straus

February 5, 2022
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Emerging Collector Tour: John J. McGurk

March 5, 2022
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Emerging Collector Tour: April 2022

April 2, 2022
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