Children’s Services Council Palm Beach County (CSC) sets aside special funds each year to assist in sponsoring public awareness events, conferences and community outreach activities for children and families in Palm Beach County. The public awareness events, conferences and activities are important to the Children’s Services Council in achieving its goals:

More children are:

Born healthy
Kept safe from abuse/neglect
Ready for kindergarten
able to access quality afterschool and summer programming.
These funds are intended to support organizations’ activities and efforts that do not fit within the funding parameters of Children’s Services Council, but support the Council’s goals. The maximum to be awarded for any single event is $2,500. No one organization may be awarded more than $2,500 per CSC’s fiscal year (October 1 – September 30).


Public awareness events, conferences and community outreach activities can include public education campaigns that involve a series of events or multi-media initiatives. The public awareness events/ activities must plan to reach a minimum of 100 people and include a marketing/public relations plan, distribution plan and an itemized budget. Example areas of focus for this fund include child safety, child development, parenting education, cultural events, literacy, and school readiness activities.

Eligibility Criteria

While applications from individual agencies are welcome, collaboration among provider agencies is encouraged. The following types of organizations may apply for these special funds:

Not-for-profit organizations
Accredited colleges and universities
Governmental organizations
Professional organizations/coalitions/associations (if the organization or coalition is not a legal entity, CSC will require a primary agency that is a legal entity for contracting).
Cultural, arts, educational organizations

Pursuant to section 125.901 of the Florida Statutes, the Palm Beach County School District is not eligible to apply for CSC funds.

Application Procedure

Applications are accepted throughout the year and to be considered for funding, the activity/event must meet the criteria described herein. Once the budget that was allocated for this promotions fund has been expended, no additional applications will be considered until the start of the next fiscal year. CSC’s fiscal year is October 1 – September 30. The Children’s Services Council reserves the right to reject any or all of the applications.

For more information regarding the fund, call 561-740-7000 ext. 2208.

To view the Healthy, Safe & Strong Fund Application Packet, click here.