The six economic drivers or “Pillars” are:

  • Talent Supply and Education
  • Innovation and Economic Development
  • Infrastructure and Growth Leadership
  • Business Climate and Competitiveness
  • Civic and Governance Systems
  • Quality of Life/Quality Places

A copy of Palm Beach County’s Six Pillars 2011-2015 Strategic Plan can be found here.

To learn more about the Palm Beach County Economic Council and the Six Pillars, visit their website at

Common Questions and Answers

Q. What are the “Six Pillars”?
A. A way of organizing thinking and measures around the economic drivers expected to influence the future economy: (1) Talent Supply and Education, (2) Innovation and Economic Development, (3) Infrastructure and Growth Leadership, (4) Business Climate and Competitiveness, (5) Civic and Governance Systems and (6) Quality of Life and Quality Places.

Q. What is the Six Pillars process?
A. An interactive strategic planning process developed by the Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation to assist representatives from the private and public sectors at the state, regional and local levels reach consensus around a shared future vision, common goals, and joint strategies utilizing a comparable organizational framework and common language to facilitate communication, coordination and collaboration.

Q. What is the Six Pillars Palm Beach County 2011-2015 Strategic Plan?
A. Based on the input of hundreds of volunteer leaders from business, civic and government organizations during seven community workshops from February-August, 2011, a written plan was identified with specific goals, strategies and tactics to provide a roadmap to future economic prosperity in Palm Beach County.

Q. How will progress be measured?
A. Palm Beach County’s plan is tied to specific metrics in the plan and relates back to the statewide Florida Scorecard.

Q. Why is this plan different from similar efforts in the past?
A. By linking to a statewide planning initiative, there is more likelihood it will be sustained. There is a commitment by local volunteer leaders to implement and update the plan and to periodically monitor progress. And the plan includes named “champions” and metrics to instill accountability.

Q. How can individuals and groups participate?
A. Go to to learn how you can get involved.  You will be provided future mailings and have access to the Huddle website where information is shared with all participants and individuals may post relevant information or engage in a dialogue.