geoff-against-bldingThe Cultural Council was shocked and saddened to learn of the untimely death of Geoff Neuhoff in July of 2012. Geoff was a loyal and enthusiastic member of the Council’s Board of Directors. Geoff chaired a task force to complete the renaming and rebranding of the Cultural Council as we moved into the beautiful Montgomery Building. Working with Council staff and the outstanding designers from Passport Publications & Media, Geoff shepherded the process that resulted in an entirely new brand. The Council’s new logo is the graphic representation of his work, but his leadership resulted in a whole new approach to our work and a way for the public to connect to our mission and programs. Geoff loved the dialogue and understood the importance of the creative process. He urged all of us involved to take our time and to honor that process.

Geoff’s legacies are many. He was President/CEO of a thriving radio/television company, Neuhoff Communications. In 2010, he was named “Illinois Broadcaster of the Year” by the Illinois Broadcaster’s Association, and was honored as a NAB Crystal Award winner, dedicated the award to his father. “Geoff Neuhoff was a giant among small and medium market broadcasters,” said Neuhoff Communications COO Mike Hulvey. “Geoff demanded from all of us a dedication to greatness and excellence no matter the market size or the power of the station. Geoff believed strongly that innovation was the way forward and he embraced new technologies with enthusiasm.”

Geoff is survived by his wife, Beth Neuhoff, a son Jamie, daughters Lexie and Alice, and parents, Roger and Louise.