Cultural Tourism Development Fund:
Mid-sized Institutions (Cat. C-II)

The Cultural Tourism Development Fund: Mid-Sized Institutions is a biennial grant program. It is open to Palm Beach County non-profit arts and cultural organizations with annual operating revenues between $200,000 and $1,174,999 to fund marketing and program expenses associated with performances, exhibitions and cultural events.

First time applicants and individuals new to the grant process must contact staff and attend a mandatory workshop for training and technical assistance prior to completing the application.

View the FY2017-18 grant recipients and amounts here »

Please check back in December 2018 for information on the next grant application period.

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*To request any forms in a different format, or if you have specific questions about this grant program, please contact the Cultural Council Grants Department:

Application Toolkit

  1. Application Guidelines
  2. Application Training Webinar for Categories B and CII 2017-18
  3. Application
  4. Exhibits B1-3
  5. Exhibit C
  6. Contracts Schedule of Events 2016-17
  7. Definitions
  8. Training Agreement Letter
  9. 2016/17 Contract Signing Training Video
  10. Apply Online
  11. Online Application FAQs

Grantee Toolkit

  1. Exhibit B1 (Contract)
  2. Grant Process Schedule (Cat. B and C-II)
  3. Category B/C-II Reimbursement Training Webinar
  4. Reimbursement Guidelines 2017-18
  5. Reimbursement Cover Sheet 2017-18
  6. Summary of Expenses 2017-18
  7. Program and Budget Amendment Request 2017-18
  8. Employee Payroll Worksheet:
    Bi-Weekly | Semi-Monthly
  9. Mileage Reimbursement Form:
    2017 | 2018
  10. Average Daily Hotel Room Rates
  11. Final Report Workbook
  12. Final Report Income/Expense
  13. Final Report Training Webinar
  14. Executive Summary 2017-18

Training Videos