Cultural Tourism Development Fund:
Major Institutions (Cat. B)

The Cultural Tourism Development Fund: Major Institutions is a biennial grant program. It is open to Palm Beach County nonprofit arts and cultural organizations with annual operating revenues of at least 1.175 million to fund marketing and program expenses associated with performances, exhibitions and cultural events.

First time applicants and individuals new to the grant process must contact staff and attend a mandatory workshop for training and technical assistance prior to completing the application.

*To request any forms in a different format, or if you have specific questions about this grant program, please contact the Cultural Council Grants Department:

Application Toolkit

  1. Application Guidelines
  2. Application
  3. Exhibit A
  4. Exhibits B1-3
  5. Exhibit C
  6. Exhibit D
  7. Contracts Schedule of Events 16/17
  8. Definitions
  9. Training Agreement Letter
  10. 2016/17 Contract Signing Training Video


Grantee Toolkit

  1. Grant Process Schedule (Cat. B and C-II)
  2. Category B/C-II Reimbursement Training Webinar
  3. Reimbursement Guidelines
  4. Reimbursement Cover Sheet
  5. Summary of Expenses
  6. Program and Budget Amendment Request
  7. Formula for Calculating Hourly Rate | Hourly Rate Calculator
  8. Mileage Reimbursement Form: 2016
  9. Average Daily Hotel Room Rates
  10. Interim Report
  11. No Activity Interim Report
  12. Final Report
  13. Final Report Income/Expense
  14. Final Report Training Webinar
  15. 2015-16 Executive Summary

Training Videos