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City of Boynton Beach Art Camp

Submit Your Cultural Summer Camp for the 2017 Guide

Cultural Council of Palm Beach County

March 20, 2017

The Cultural Council will soon launch a newly revamped Cultural Camp Guide for 2017. Make sure that your organization’s camps are listed!

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Preserving Our Appalachian Music - Kela Simpson - PBS

Why small and rural arts groups may hurt the most under Trump’s plan to gut the NEA

PBS Art Beat

March 16, 2017

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget, which was released Thursday, eliminates funding for 19 agencies, including for cultural groups like the National Endowment for the Arts. Congress has final approval of the president’s request.

The NEA supports arts groups across the country, including major institutions in big cities, like Carnegie Hall or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. But it would also mean the end of grants for dance, opera, writing, film, theater and other arts organizations in every state in the country — many of them smaller groups in rural communities.

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from NPR ED

Two Students Hope Their Investment In Arts Education Will Pay Off


February 9, 2017

Two young men who took very different paths and who both find themselves chasing ambitions and dreams in the arts, in New York City. 
Both are banking on their talent. But they’re also pursuing high-priced educational programs to refine that talent.

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The New Yorker - Bronx Dreams

Bronx Dreams: A community project to change the world with art

The New Yorker

January 9, 2017

The DreamYard Project has a patriotic attachment to the Bronx. Two young actors, Jason Duchin and Tim Lord, founded it, twenty-one years ago, to teach public-school kids in grades K through twelve by using the arts. The idea was to recruit teachers from among working artists of Duchin’s and Lord’s acquaintance in New York and match them with schools whose funding for arts education had been cut. Through a few changes, that has been DreamYard’s basic mission from the start. For some years, the teaching program was in several boroughs, but today it’s only in the Bronx, where DreamYard-sponsored artists in forty-five schools teach about ten thousand students.

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The High School Of The Future – Right Here In Boston

WBUR - Edify

December 16, 2016

Many education leaders lament the current state of American high schools and say we need to redesign them to do better at teaching creativity, design thinking, forming and defending ideas, collaboration and effective communication, and STEM skills. But there’s a school in Boston that’s already doing all that right now: Boston Arts Academy. Read more »

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2017–2018 Art & Culture Educational Guide2017–2018 Art & Culture Educational Guide

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