Now in its third year, Building Learning Communities through Arts & Culture focuses on Building Capacity in the Schools. By providing the Teacher Leadership Model, the focus transfers from the students as the main learner to the classroom teachers. Student focus will remain on 6th Grade vocabulary and Social Studies while teacher participation will expand from two core teachers to Grades 6-8 teachers, all curriculum, department heads and administration.

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• Resource Depot, Roosevelt Middle School and teaching artist Jennifer O’Brien.
• Young Singers of the Palm Beaches, Carver Middle School and teaching artist Erica Barnes.


Goal for Year Three of This Project:

Building Capacity/Disseminating the Project in the Middle School –  “RIPPLE EFFECT”


Workshop Resources:

2011 Schedule

Goals for Year 3

Partnership Planning Assessment


Workshop #1: September 7-8, 2011 Resources

Workshop #2: September 15 & 22, 2011 Resources

Workshop #3: October 5, 2011 Resources

Workshop #4: October 13, 2011 Resources

Workshop #5: December 7, 2011 Resources


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