AIMBY - Cultural Expeditions

AIMBY Cultural Expeditions is a field trip program that provides free busing and an interactive, guided tour of the Council’s galleries followed by an art-related workshop. This program also supports Palm Beach County cultural organizations by funding trips to various cultural organizations around the county.

This program is appropriate for children 18 months to 18 years who are interested in visual arts as a form of artistic expression.


  • Admission is free
  • Advance registration required
  • Group size is limited to 25 students
  • Please bring one chaperone for every eight students

Program Examples

Young Griot: Storytelling through Art | Grade Levels Pre-K to 2
During the 90-minute program, students will receive an interactive pamphlet to assist them during their gallery tour; story time with a select book in the main gallery; exploration time with the works of art that relate to the book; and an art lesson that includes a take-home work of art. Visiting schools will receive the selected picture book for their school library.

Colors, Lines and Shapes | Grade Levels 3 to 5
This 90-minute program is intended for younger students. Gallery tours are designed as interactive lessons that encourage students to examine objects and ideas through a variety of activities, including discussions, a pamphlet and small group work. After the tour, students will receive an art lesson that includes a take-home art project.

Cultural Mapping…with Art! | Grade Levels 6 to 12
This 90-minute program features interactive lessons that encourage students to examine concepts and ideas displayed within works of art. Observation, critical thinking, problem solving and literacy skills are incorporated in all lessons. After the gallery tour, students will engage in an art lesson that includes a take-home art project.


For more information about field trips or other arts and cultural education programs by the Cultural Council, please contact Ericka Squire at (561) 472-3347 or


If you would like to help support the Cultural Council’s arts and cultural education programs, please consider making a gift to our Annual Fund.