The Cultural Advocacy Alliance is a group of executives from large and small organizations across Palm Beach County in the areas of arts, sciences, and historic preservation. Supported by the Cultural Council for Palm Beach County, the group meets regularly to discuss important issues and challenges in the sector to find solutions together.

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The purpose of the Cultural Advocacy Alliance is to gather together the leaders of cultural organizations and the creative sector in Palm Beach County, with purpose, to discuss and act upon issues, projects, campaigns and initiatives of mutual benefit to the respective cultural organizations and to the people who live in and visit Palm Beach County.

This committee is an extension of the Cultural Council’s advocacy work – an integral part of a local arts service agency’s mission – and also includes Council board members and representatives from other advocacy partners from around the county.

This collaborative work will ensure that the arts and culture sector is relevant to the community, its leaders and its citizens, a fact that will be evident because culture will be included in long range plans, funding plans, and important community decisions.

Palm Beach County Cultural Advocacy Alliance Jan 2021

2018 Cultural Assessment Report

The Cultural Advocacy Alliance initiated a survey seeking updated information related to the construction of new, expanded and/or renovated cultural facilities and campuses countywide. The Cultural Assessment Report provides an overview of the arts and cultural sector’s plans related to capital improvements in the coming decade.
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