Deadline to Submit Applications: January 26, 2024 by 11:59pm
Palm Beach County’s Art in Public Places (PBC AiPP) program seeks to commission an Artist or Artist team (Artist) to design, permit, fabricate and install art that establishes a unique identity and fosters a sense of firefighter and community pride for Fire Rescue Station #49.

Art Design Goals:


  • Art will be inspired by the public safety mission of professional fire fighters and paramedics, and result in a unique identification for the facility and first responders that will be assigned to Fire Rescue Station #49.
  • Art will foster a sense of firefighter and community pride
  • Art materials must require minimal maintenance and must withstand applicable environmental conditions (humidity, high winds, sun, rain, etc.).


Areas for Art Integration: 

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Station #49 is a planned 17,883 square foot facility to serve the growing community. This
Call to Artists offers two separate and distinct opportunities for art integration into this new facility: 1) Indoor Public Entry
Lobby & Corridor: a) +/-370 square foot drywall walls. Walls are eleven (11) foot tall; b) +/-130 square foot drywall ceilings. ,
and/or 2) Gate: exterior six-foot tall, twenty-six (26) foot wide double swing gate controls access to dedicated on-site staff
parking. County will install structural posts for artwork to attach to, electric and mechanical gate operators. Artist to provide gate shop drawings for County approval.

Artists may propose one or both opportunities. If Artist proposes designs for the both interior entry lobby and gate, Fire Rescue project team wants the two installations to be visually and/or thematically connected. Preferential scoring may be given to artists proposing both opportunities within the budget. The image that follows is conceptual and illustrative only. Shortlist Artists will receive Construction Documents prior to art proposal development and upon submission of a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).


Artist Eligibility:


Open to all adult Professional Artists with experience designing, fabricating and installing architecturally integrated art.
Professional Artist means a practitioner in the visual arts, generally recognized by critics and/or peers as a professional of
serious intent and ability. Indications of a person’s status as a Professional Artist include, but are not limited to, income realized through the sole commission of artwork, frequent or consistent art exhibitions, placement of artwork in and/or upon the exterior or grounds of public institutions or museums, receipt of honors and awards, and training in the arts.





The Artist who is awarded the contract will receive a maximum fixed fee of $110,000 inclusive of all expenses including Artist fee, design, engineering, permit, materials, fabrication, contractor, shipping, installation, construction oversight, travel, hotel, transportation, mileage, insurance, etc. All Artists who are selected to present their concept proposals to the Finalist Selection Panel (Shortlist Artists) will receive a flat fee (honoraria) of $1,000 inclusive of all expenses.



Questions regarding this Call to Artists must be directed to Palm Beach County’s Public Art Administrator, Elayna Toby Singer, at To learn more details and to submit your application, CLICK HERE