Washed Ashore Exhibition at Mounts Botanical Garden

When you visit Mounts Botanical Garden, the pristine 14-acre sanctuary of 23 separate tropical and sub-tropical gardens, you’ll also encounter a surprising menagerie of giant sea life sculptures, like Priscilla the Parrot Fish, shown above. What’s absolutely mind-boggling, however, is that each of these beauties was constructed entirely from marine debris–a/k/a ocean litter, plastic pollution, junk in the water. This very special exhibition illustrates the need to better police ourselves when it comes to what we throw out into the world–and especially into the ocean.

The primary role of Mounts Botanical Garden is to educate and inspire people about the importance of nature and the environment, showing visitors many ways to improve their own world by living in harmony with nature. This amazing destination illustrates how nature and the environment impact the everyday lives of all of us. And with the addition of this important exhibition, the garden becomes a must-see for young and old alike–as they say, seeing is believing.

For even more details about “Washed Ashore,” here’s a video backgrounder.

$15 adults, $5 children 5-12, free to 4-year-olds and younger. Website. Tickets can be purchased at the main gate. To schedule a group tour call 561-233-1757.




December 4, 2017 through June 2, 2018
12:00 am


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