Virtual Preview: How Do We Move Forward?
Title artwork: Anthony Burks, Sr., Power Is…, 2020, watercolor, pastel and colored pencil

How Do We Move Forward?

Presented and curated by ATB Fine Art Group, Inc.

October 16 – December 12

Watch the special virtual preview event from Friday, October 19 on our YouTube Channel 

In response to the recent series of events that spurred local, national, and global response, a group of Palm Beach County Black artists have stepped up to engage the community through art. Serving as both communicators and problem-solvers, 10 visual and spoken word artists will provide content regarding four centuries of turmoil and social and civil injustice. Since the revolution has already been televised, these artists will contribute to continuing conversations and help build solutions through art.

To purchase any of the works featured below, please contact Artist Services Coordinator Jessica Ransom at or (561) 472-3336.

Artist Pairings

Participating Spoken Word Artists
Dorian Frith
Jashua Sa-Ra
Jenn La Reine
Kim Nyesha Smith
Nick Murray
Participating Visual Artists
Dariel Donovan
Anthony Burks, Sr.
Tracy Guiteau
Kianga Jinaki
Turgo Bastien

Virtual Gallery

*Click or tap on the images to enlarge the artwork and read the poems.

Invisible Fire - poem by Dorian Frith & artwork by Dariel Donovan

*Artwork: Dariel Donovan, Invisible Fire, 2020; mixed media on canvas (oil paint, acrylic paint, wood panels, electric lights); 36 x 36 inches; $2,500

Mirror Black - poem by Jashua SaRa & artwork by Anthony Burks, Sr.

*Artwork: Anthony Burks, Sr., Mirror Black, 2020; colored pencil, watercolor, charcoal; 40 x 48 inches; $5,500

The Ancestors Hindsight by Jenn La Reine & Hindsight by Tracy Guiteau

*Artwork: Tracy Guiteau, Hindsight, 2020; mixed media (acrylic, oil, and paper collage); 60 x 36 inches; $27,000

Walking on White Fragility by Kimberly Smith & Let Us Live by Kianga Jinaki

*Artwork: Kianga Jinaki, Let Us Live, 2020; fabric collage quilt; Photograph credit: Elijah Hanif, Inge Ford, Unsplash; 25 x 37 inches; $3,000

Dividend by Nick Murray & Time is Up by Turgo Bastien

*Artwork: Turgo Bastien, Time is Up, 2020; mixed media acrylic and collage elements on wood; 64 x 42 inches; $6,500

*Artwork: Turgo Bastien, Time is Up #2, 2020; Found objects assemblage sculpture using plastic, wood, and metals; 64 x 25 x 13 inches; $5,500


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October 16, 2020
7:00 pm


Online registration is not currently available for this event. Please contact us at (561) 471-2901 for more information.