Using Storytelling in Your Brand Voice

Featured Speakers: Staci Sturrock and Lulu Carter (Ideabar)

Your brand is more than a logo and tagline. Your brand is a story that attracts an audience, connects with them emotionally and keeps them coming back for more. Before you can tell your brand story, you have to own that story, and know it inside and out. Led by two professionals from Ideabar Agency, this session is meant primarily for marketing, advertising and public relations professionals looking to crystallize the story of their organization’s brand—then flesh it out with an engaging personality, a distinct style and an unmistakable voice.

About the presenters:

Staci Sturrock
Staci Sturrock, Art Director, Content + Ideation. As Ideabar’s resident wordsmith and ideator-in-chief, Staci brings writing experience and cultural expertise to each assignment. A former journalist, Staci has told stories that won national and international awards for changing minds and moving readers. She joined Ideabar in 2015 and firmly believes that everyone – from veteran waitress to wounded warrior – has a story worth telling.


Lulu Carter
Lulu Carter, Senior Strategist. Lulu has experience across a broad range of strategic offerings including brand identity development, brand positioning, product innovation, and brand and product naming. Prior to Ideabar, Lulu worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies on key branding initiatives, with a client list including Hershey, Conagra, Coca–Cola, and Proctor & Gamble. Lulu holds a B.A. in Psychology and has a passion for decoding the consumer; she is quick to uncover cultural and behavioral insights and get to a powerful brand idea.


Suggested for: marketing, PR, executive, development, programming/events, creative professionals


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February 20, 2020
9:00 am – 11:00 am


Online registration is not currently available for this event. Please contact us at (561) 471-2901 for more information.