Stormtrooper Stencil Art

In Partnership with LULA Lake Worth Arts
Graffiti, the art of writing or drawing on walls in public view, has existed since ancient times. Palm Beach County has recently experienced a surge in public art through an incredible collection of murals that can be viewed throughout our communities. In this workshop, participants will use handmade stencils, Sharpies and spray paint to create original graffiti art on canvas. Families will learn various spray painting techniques with a variety of colors so each piece is unique and one of a kind.

LULA Lake Worth Arts
About: Jose Mendez began drawing in kindergarten and hasn’t stopped since. Art, electronics and wood shop classes kept him entertained so he went to trade school for auto body and began assisting painters with automobile painting. Five years later he became a painter himself. His creative process was ultimately informed with a trip to Tikal, Guatemala, the ancient Mayan Empire. Jose continued to sketch but decided to make the work permanent with the introduction of a canvas. He experiments with Sharpies, oils, acrylic and water-based markers and incorporates brush work, spray paint and photography. Jose is a Lake Worth resident, a featured artist with LULA and works in a Lake Worth elementary school. The school is his inspiration, support and critics. Parents and children inspire him and he, in turn, models that whatever goal you set your mind to you can accomplish. Jose is also focused on sharing Guatemalan culture that is rich in art from Mayan ruins, clothing, agriculture and the calendar system. Jose has become serious about his work in the past year and has produced over 100 painted canvases.

Cost: $5 per family
*Advance registration is required


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June 10, 2017
10:00 am – 11:30 am


This event is fully booked. Please contact us at (561) 471-2901 for more information.