MASCHINE and What it Means to Be an Artist

Featured Speaker: Gabriel “Gato” Ferrer (Native Instruments)

This session will invite attendees to learn about the real-world applications of MASCHINE (music production and performance system developed by Native Instruments) and have the opportunity to hear about the vulnerabilities associated with music production (or art itself). Attendees can expect to interact with MASCHINE software and to participate in exercises that help create space in which a real discussion about experiences in creativity and being an artist can be explored.

Gabriel Gato FerrerAbout the presenter: A lover of the arts, from saxophone & percussion to the complexity of camera work, Gato projects a world of passion to whatever art he touches. In 2004, he started working at Native Instruments, now Product Specialist, a trainer for staff and VIP artists all over the country. Alongside that, he became a MASCHINE Expert/ Native Instruments Instructor at Point Blank Music School (Los Angeles). Trained life coach and public speaker allow for many possibilities. Many facets of his passion include: GatoDrum (a free-form percussionist with DJ/Electronic artists); GatoDeLux (an avant-garde, experimental sound design project with a focus on synthesis with analog, modular, and sampled elements); GatoDuSon (an impressive studio space with an acoustically pampered room for sound design and synthesis); and GatoNova (an adventure into light through a viewfinder of a camera for photography and video alike).


Suggested for: creative professionals


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February 27, 2020
9:00 am – 11:00 am


Online registration is not currently available for this event. Please contact us at (561) 471-2901 for more information.