The Art of Program Design

Effective programs do two things: change lives and impact communities. In this hands-on workshop we will dive into program theory and logic models with expertise from Dr. Martha Brown of RJAE Consulting and Jan Rodusky, Chief Grants Officer for the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County. RJAE Consulting is an educational consulting firm serving mission-driven organizations. RJAE’s work is rooted in strategic planning, program development, facilitation, capacity building, and evaluation- focusing on the needs of the non-profit sector. Jan Rodusky has over 20 years of experience in the grant world and advocates for a model that puts quality program design ahead of funding.

Too often, disconnects exist between funding sources and education/program managers who are then tasked with fitting their programs to grant parameters. We encourage development officers, grants teams, or whoever you have working on securing funding to collaborate with education/program managers on program design before identifying a grant or funding source. This workshop was designed to facilitate this collaboration, as multiple staff within organizations are encouraged to attend together.

Participants will come away with the beginnings of a program logic model and a deeper understanding of the process involved with designing effective programs. Please bring your organization’s mission and/or vision statements with you.

$25 per person workshop fee. $10 for every subsequent staff or team member you bring from your organization.


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September 26, 2017
9:00 am – 12:00 pm


Online registration is not currently available for this event. Please contact us at (561) 471-2901 for more information.