The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County’s Arts in My Backyard Afterschool program and the Norton Museum of Art present:

The exploration of social phenomena on our world

This exhibit displays the work of student artists from Lake Worth Middle School who explored varied visual mediums through a specific theme—the exploration of social phenomena on their world. This theme was first explored through a process called ‘body speak’ which invited the students to write out their thoughts, extract words that embody their written text and then explore those words by way of gestural movement.

The students’ movements were photographed and serve as images within each of their works. The extracted words they wrote serve as an impetus for their work and were cultivated by way of art sessions led by three professional artists: Jane Burke, Jose Mendez and Hegina Rodrigues.

This workshop included:

  • Weekly art class
  • Three teaching artists
  • Free art supplies
  • A visit to the Norton Museum of Art
  • A culminating exhibition celebrating the young artists’ work


Romelio Andres-Pascual / 7th grade
Damaris Baltazar / 6th grade
Kiara Banegas / 7th grade
Iliana Francisco / 8th grade
Moises Lucas / 7th grade

Nedryana Mentor / 6th grade
Pridney Mentor / 8th grade
Nathaly Morales / 6th grade
Heyner Soto-Velasquez / 8th grade
Beverly Vilbrun / 6th grade


Program Managers: Ericka Squire (Cultural Council) and Yimarie Riviera (Norton Museum of Art)
Lead Teaching Artist: Jose Mendez
Guest Artists: Jane Burke and Hegina Rodrigues
Education Partner: Community Partners-Mentoring at Lake Worth Middle School
Education Partner, Site Director: Mildred Ramos
Education Partner, Program Coordinator: Rebeca Arreaga

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