Sculpture is an ancient form of art. From monumental figures to small tokens of fortune or health, for thousands of years artists have created likenesses of the world around them using a variety of materials. The three sculptors in this exhibition use organic materials to create their objects.

Alexander Krivosheiw hand-forges bronze and aluminum to compose surrealistic, mirror-polished configurations of the female form. Krivosheiw combines the neoclassical style of sculpting with his own signature aesthetic.

GE Olsen fastidiously carves marble figurines and abstract forms, and he is best known for his bears. Olsen’s sculpture is the result of working and experimenting with various materials and methods of carving. Twenty-five years of cabinetry and wood sculpture evolved into creating objects from personally selected stone from quarries in the United States and Europe.

Jeff Whyman erects large steel formations, welded and jointed, sometimes painted, sometimes left raw. Though also a painter, Whyman uses steel in the tradition of bronze figurative sculpture: to convey humane sentiments. This exhibition offers an opportunity to view three distinct visions and uses of materials.

Artist Trunk Show with Gabriele Kraus and Barbara Cheives

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