Palm Beach County Murals - Anthony Hernandez - art&culture

The Big Picture: Palm Beach County’s Murals Amaze

Street Smarts: Murals Give Urban Landscapes a Bold New Look There's no need to step inside a gallery to look at art in Palm Beach County. Bold, bright, public murals can be found in unexpected and astonishing places. The back of a building comes alive with color, an empty alley ... Read more
Iris Apfel - photo by Harry Benson - art&culture Winter 2015

Palm Beach People

Photographs by Harry Benson Text by Hilary Geary Ross Let’s travel to the most idyllic of places, Palm Beach, Florida. On this grand and private tour, seen through the eyes of the legendary photographer and gifted artist, Harry Benson, CBE, we have captured the very essence of ... Read more
Afterlife - South Florida Science Center & Aquarium

A Moving Experience

It’s wonderful to hear that someone is moved by a work of art or an exhibition,” says Irvin Lippman, executive director of the Boca Raton Museum of Art. But how do you move a work of art?   Behind the scenes of every major touring exhibition lies a nerve-wracking array ... Read more
Norton Museum of Art - Christopher Dresser Teapot circa 1879

Spouting Off: Teapots Get Their Artistic Due

For more than a millennium, the influence of tea has seeped its way into cultures all across the world, with a variety of short, stout, sterling, porcelain, earthenware, elegant, awkward, elaborate and pedestrian teapots serving as the centerpiece in social gatherings. In all ... Read more
Norman Foster - Norton Museum of Art

Norman Foster Has Designs on the Norton Museum of Art

On opening day of Art Basel 2013 in Miami Beach, a striking man with a whisper of close-cropped white hair, sporting a smart cream-colored blazer, revealed an architectural plan that will double the gallery space at the Norton Museum of Art , add new indoor and outdoor amenities ... Read more
Palm Beach Day Academy Kids at Flagler Museum

Beauty in the Eyes of Second-grade Beholders

Whitehall, Henry Morrison Flagler’s glorious Gilded Age mansion on the island of Palm Beach, has had people talking since 1902, when the iconic industrialist – a key figure in Florida’s development – built the sprawling 75-room “cottage” for his wife. Among those ... Read more
Estelle Parsons

Estelle Parsons Honors The Art Of Acting

With five Tony Award Nominations and an Oscar - as well as a nomination for a second – Estelle Parsons can afford to be choosy about the roles she takes on. Currently, she is preparing to walk onto the stage at Palm Beach Dramaworks as Mathilde in Israel Horovitz’s My Old ... Read more
art&culture - Emily DeCola

Cooking Up A Storm

Puppet Chef Emily DeCola creates a colorful cast of characters for The Wiz Emily DeCola calls herself a chef but she doesn’t whip up dishes. She’s a crafty puppet master, designing out of a cozy work space where marionettes, string puppets and furry creatures come to life. ... Read more
Center for Creative Education

Recycling on a Grand Scale

When the Center for Creative Education first moved into its new home in the Northwood Village neighborhood of West Palm Beach, instead of exploring the hallways, some of the employees strapped on their rollerblades. The nonprofit arts and education organization had found a ... Read more
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