Andy Warhol - art&culture Winter 2016

Factory Man

A trio of exhibitions provides perspective on Andy Warhol’s enduring art and image.   Keeping up with Andy Warhol could be exhausting. According to Bob Colacello, who wrote the “Out” column for Warhol’s Interview magazine and was one of the artist’s closest ... Read more
art&culture Fall 2015 - Norton Museum of Art rendering

A Sunny Forecast

Try to picture what Palm Beach County might look like without its museums, theaters and concert stages. Imagine the delighted sounds of children exploring the Palm Beach Zoo stripped from the air.   From Boca Ballet Theatre in the south and the Maltz Jupiter Theatre in the ... Read more
art&culture Fall 2015: Flights of Fancy - Photos by Jacek Gancarz

Flights of Fancy

Don Featherstone, the inventor of the plastic flamingo, once said he “brought poor taste to the poor people.” Before his Pepto-pink plastic creations popped up like weeds in low-rent lawns, only the rich, who exhibited expensive sculptures on their estates, could afford lawn ... Read more
art&culture Fall 2015 Look Within feature - Josef Koudelka

Look Within

A cracked pomegranate sits in the road, its brilliant seeds shining like bloodied teeth. Three oil drums, one with a tire balanced atop it, join random items in a still life of what looks like a homemade roadblock. A long, continuous wall snakes through a tilted, black and white ... Read more
Basic Black - art&culture magazine Fall 2015

Basic Black

In the world of the theater, good things come not only in small packages but also in the small spaces known as black boxes. Simple in design and purpose, a black box offers a theatrical experience that focuses less on spectacle and more on an unfiltered, up-close and personal ... Read more
Miami City Ballet - Nutcracker - art&culture magazine

Step by Step: The Choreographers’ Craft

Composers rely on notes and chords when crafting the musical message that an orchestra will deliver. Playwrights create whole worlds on the stage with words. A choreographer communicates through the movement of the human body. Audiences may hold their breath while a dancer ... Read more
Mediterranean Ballroom - The Breakers

The Art of Hospitality

At a number of Palm Beach County’s leading hotels and resorts, art is as much a part of the experience as the palm trees. Paintings, sculptures, photographs and decorative items created by both local artists and top international talent have been carefully selected to set the ... Read more
Rod MacDonald

Summer in Palm Beach County Sounds Good

From the whispering surf and the song of a mockingbird to the murmurings of museum goers exploring the latest exhibition, Palm Beach County’s summer soundtrack is a masterpiece. Here, several prominent area musicians weigh in on their favorite tracks.   Jeffrey Kaye New ... Read more
Palm Beach County Murals - Anthony Hernandez - art&culture

The Big Picture: Palm Beach County’s Murals Amaze

Street Smarts: Murals Give Urban Landscapes a Bold New Look There's no need to step inside a gallery to look at art in Palm Beach County. Bold, bright, public murals can be found in unexpected and astonishing places. The back of a building comes alive with color, an empty alley ... Read more
Iris Apfel - photo by Harry Benson - art&culture Winter 2015

Palm Beach People

Photographs by Harry Benson Text by Hilary Geary Ross Let’s travel to the most idyllic of places, Palm Beach, Florida. On this grand and private tour, seen through the eyes of the legendary photographer and gifted artist, Harry Benson, CBE, we have captured the very essence of ... Read more