Alexander Dreyfoos - art&culture winter 2018

A Noble Mission

How Alex Dreyfoos engineered the framework of Palm Beach County's cultural landscape The most successful endeavors often start with serendipity. In the case of Palm Beach County’s now-prolific cultural scene, it all began with a series of isolated incidents in the life of one ... Read more
Robert Dreverman, Jr. - art&culture winter 2018

Street Art

Watch hundreds of artists prove their worth in chalk at the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival   It was nearly two decades ago when Ken Mullen and lifelong friend Hector Diaz were first introduced to the art of street painting. Dubbed “The Chalk Guys,” the duo attended ... Read more
Wordsmith Coleman Barks Featured

Wordsmith: Coleman Barks

When Coleman Barks was 5 years old, he begged his parents to buy him a Rand Mc-Nally World Atlas .  He memorized almost every capital city, creating a sensation at the boys’ school where his father was headmaster. “People would call out countries to me, and I would ... Read more
Art Space Society art&culture magazine winter 2018

Art, Space & Society

The new face of Palm Beach County, public art has become a pillar of the community—and a symbol of growth   Anyone visiting Palm Beach County’s many diverse cities can’t help but notice the art lining the streets and parks. Once stymied by opposition, code violations, ... Read more
Sandra Krakoff - art&culture winter 2018

Eclectic Taste

Smitten with a Warhol silk screen in 1965, Sandra Krakoff began filling her home with art.   Krakoff in her Palm Beach home with her dog, Bijou Standing in her Palm Beach condominium, with its elegant high ceilings and abundance of natural light, Sandra Krakoff feels sheer ... Read more
Jason Newsted art&culture magazine

A Heavy Perspective

Ahead of his exhibit at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, artist (and former Metallica bassist) Jason Newsted takes us on a tour through his studio and his process.   Jason Newsted comes outside to greet his guest smiling and barefoot. Inside the 1950s-era ... Read more
Photo by Jerry Rabinowitz

Modern Marvels

Gallerist Bryan Walsh is always on the cutting edge of what’s next in the art world. And his West Palm Beach home is filled with those discoveries.   When Bryan Walsh talks about art, his passion is clear. Lucky for him, he gets to live that passion on a daily basis, both ... Read more
Art on the Half Shell - art&culture Fall 2017

Art on the Half Shell

The Challenge: Create a Beautiful Scene Inside of an Oyster Shell to Represent Palm Beach County. Here Are the Magical Creations of Five Talented Local Chefs. Photography by Libby Volgyes.
Bacon and Eggs - Chef Gustavo Calderon - art&culture magazine

The Art of the Meal

Five Palm Beach-area chefs create artistic dishes inspired by works from local museums - Photography by Libby Volgyes

Into The Deep

There's beauty in the unpredictable, and even in the dangerous. Photographer Chris Leidy found it.   “I’m so claustrophobic, you don’t understand.” This coming from a man who spent three weeks last summer diving through holes in the Arctic ice wearing a 50-pound ... Read more

Arts Innovator: Nicole Henry

Art often finds beauty in the ordinary. But the CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show goes a step further. Each November, artists from all over the world transform West Palm Beach’s public spaces into the extraordinary.   For nine days, the city itself becomes a canvas for more than ... Read more
art&culture magazine - Arts & Letters

Arts & Letters

The “ancient” art of handwritten letters is all but extinct. Elegantly scripted epistles have waned in popularity as text messages now reign supreme. In an era of ephemeral communication, simple tangible correspondence is a rare thing of beauty. From April 18 to July 2, the ... Read more