Bacon and Eggs - Chef Gustavo Calderon - art&culture magazine

The Art of the Meal

Five Palm Beach-area chefs create artistic dishes inspired by works from local museums - Photography by Libby Volgyes

Into The Deep

There's beauty in the unpredictable, and even in the dangerous. Photographer Chris Leidy found it.   “I’m so claustrophobic, you don’t understand.” This coming from a man who spent three weeks last summer diving through holes in the Arctic ice wearing a 50-pound ... Read more

Arts Innovator: Nicole Henry

Art often finds beauty in the ordinary. But the CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show goes a step further. Each November, artists from all over the world transform West Palm Beach’s public spaces into the extraordinary.   For nine days, the city itself becomes a canvas for more than ... Read more
art&culture magazine - Arts & Letters

Arts & Letters

The “ancient” art of handwritten letters is all but extinct. Elegantly scripted epistles have waned in popularity as text messages now reign supreme. In an era of ephemeral communication, simple tangible correspondence is a rare thing of beauty. From April 18 to July 2, the ... Read more

Storyteller: Edel Rodriguez

Everybody has a story, but Edel Rodriguez’s life is a novel. At the age of 9, he and his family came to America from their native Cuba in the Mariel boatlift. They settled in Hialeah, where his mother was a seamstress and his father worked odd jobs.   Today, he is a ... Read more
Lichtenstein - Engagement Ring - Ronnie Heyman collection, art&culture

The Collector

Beginning with a Frankenthaler in 1970, Ronnie Heyman has amassed an incredible cache of enviable artwork. She walks us through the journey that filled her Palm Beach home with memories.   We flock to see outstanding museum art collections and must-see exhibitions, but ... Read more
Jupiter Medical Center - Margaret W Niedland Breast Center 1

Healing Arts

Clever collages cover the walls of the lobby of the Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center in Jupiter. Photographs depicting island scenes decorate one of the hallways. Stunning compositions of Antelope Canyon in Arizona line an upstairs corridor overlooking the foyer, where a ... Read more
Seeing is Believing - Nicole Henry - art&culture magazine

Seeing is Believing

“From here – from The Palm Beaches – we can change the world and make it a better place,” Tony Award-winner Ben Vereen says, while sporting a pair of distinctive sunglasses. Vereen is one of more than a dozen celebrities – and hundreds of arts aficionados in our ... Read more
Olympic Metals - Alexander Krivosheiw | art&culture magazine

Olympic Metals

Every artist needs talent. Every artist needs drive. A little bit of luck never hurt, either.   Alexander Krivosheiw (pronounced Kriv-o-shay) had already demonstrated that he possessed prodigious amounts of the first two qualities. Last year, he fell into a full ration of ... Read more
Clematis Street - West Palm Beach - art&culture magazine

Driven to Distraction

It’s summer in Palm Beach County, that time of year when residents crave cold drinks and culture. There is never any shortage of ice, and now that the area has become a year-round destination, there are plenty of exhibitions and high-minded activities. They bring in visitors ... Read more
Maryann Payne - art&culture magazine - Winter 2016

Dance Lessons

For Maryann Payne, dance is more than performance art. It’s a way to promote diversity and acceptance.   A professional dancer and the star of the recently released short film Brown Ballerina, Payne is bringing a message of hope and encouragement to students at the ... Read more
Marilyn Bauer and Bama Lutes Deal

Cultural Concierge Welcomes New Possibilities

Innovative new program offers visitors a personalized introduction to Palm Beach County’s treasures.   One of the best things about a good hotel – as anyone who’s ever stayed in one knows – is the helpful concierge, a person who seems to know exactly what you want ... Read more