Ellen Shapiro collection, Palm Beach, Florida

The World Through a Lens

When Ellen Shapiro began collecting photography in the 1970s, she admits she was eager but green. Today, her works fill three homes on both sides of the Atlantic. Photography is the art form that captivated eager collectors Ellen Shapiro and her late husband, Daniel. Their ... Read more
Cheryl Maeder, art&culture magazine fall 2019

Blurring the Line

Cheryl Maeder’s surreal photographs seamlessly blend reality and the abstract “The core of my work has always been about connection—the innate connection to oneself, to each other, and to all other life forms on the planet. We’re not separate from nature. We are ... Read more
Ruth Baum art&culture magazine Fall 2019

A World of Wonder

Ruth and Theodore Baum fill their homes with the works of artists from all over the globe. Here's a look at some of their diverse pieces. Over many decades, both Ruth and Theodore Baum established individual collections, which they later divided between their homes in New York ... Read more
CityZen Garden, Broadstone City Center. Sculpture by Béju.

Third Places

Local gathering spots are creating a greater sense of community Trends have a way of resurfacing. Typically, the phenomenon is best seen through the world of fashion, which is never short on bell-bottom pants, baby tees, and gothic black attire. Yet trends also show up in social ... Read more
Heartbreakers, The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach

Reel Talk

A brief history of filming in Palm Beach County and where the industry stands today The movies came to Florida for the same reason as the population: the weather. Before World War I, the movie industry had been mostly centered around New York and New Jersey. But unpleasantly ... Read more
Armory Art Center Tea Time art&culture magazine

Tea Time

The ritual of tea has long been an integral part of many cultures. The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens offers regular demonstrations devoted to the art—and in March, the Armory Art Center hosted its own workshop. To celebrate the tradition, five Armory artists showcase ... Read more
Bob and Pam Goergen Art Culture Magazine Spring Summer

Art Appreciation

The Goergens have spent three decades amassing their collection. Now they are sharing some of it with the world. The walls in Pam and Bob Goergen’s first home were bare when they married in 1968. “We both came into the marriage with one picture,” says Pam. “Bob ... Read more
Swampgator Jim Woolems, photo by Jacek Gancarz

Art from the Heart

Palm Beach couple reveals lifelong talents Eleanor and Jim Woolems. Photo Credit: Tracy Benson Photography. At the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County’s fortieth anniversary celebration art exhibit last fall, the question at the forefront of everyone’s mind was, “Who ... Read more
Fresh Perspectives art&culture magazine spring summer 2019

Fresh Perspectives

New leadership in the Palm Beach County arts and cultural scene means change is on the horizon The last year saw a changing of the guard in a number of top leadership positions in some of our most beloved and well-established cultural institutions that bring creative and ... Read more
Live Oaks - Joyce Tenneson

Trees in the Mist

Joyce Tenneson's mystical, gilded images challenge us to look at nature in a whole new way   Place has such a profound effect on creative expression that art evolves, often markedly, as an artist’s environment changes. For photographer Joyce Tenneson, a move from New York ... Read more
The New Norton art&culture magazine Winter 2019

The New Norton

The rebirth of one of Palm Beach County’s most revered cultural institutions is set to continue Ralph Norton’s legacy long into the future On February 9, the doors will open on a new chapter in the life of West Palm Beach’s Norton Museum of Art. After three years of major ... Read more