SunFest Welcomes artisans to join its 40th anniversary celebration. Artists and Crafters are encouraged to apply to SunFest 2024!

The SunFest Creative Arts Village seeks local artists and arts vendors to apply for a chance to be featured at SunFest 2024, set for May 3 to May 5. Applications for vendors and artists are now being accepted on a rolling admissions basis. While applications for any type of work will be accepted, the Arts Village – like the festival itself – focuses on a demographic younger than many traditional juried shows. The overall look and feel will be designed to be immersive and innovative. Among other things, the show will feature upcycled goods, functional art, apparel, bold prints, and on-site demonstrations and live events.**ATTENTION VENDORS PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION BEFORE APPLYING**

Please note that not all applications are accepted to the SunFest Creative Arts Village. It may also take us longer than normal to get back to you because of the influx of applications that come in at once. Please be patient – we will get to all applications as quickly as we can.


Vendor Details:
The Festival provides a 10×10 tent for your space. Additional charges for Electrical will apply. Your booth type and location cannot be changed once space is assigned. Festival credential and parking pass are also included in booth purchase.

There will be roving security during the festival and after hours, but vendors will be responsible for securing booths for overnight. SunFest is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

There is a limited number of Boutique Trailer spaces. You will be required to pay for the amount of booth spaces that equals your trailer length (hitch and outside set up space needs to be included in length).


Vendor Application Details:

  • All vendor applications are reviewed each year. Prior participation does not guarantee an acceptance. We have a limited number of spots.
  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. We try to review as quickly as possible but may not get back to you until a few weeks later due to number of applications that come in.
  • When reviewing applications we take into consideration the quality, type, and uniqueness of product, cohesiveness with SunFest and other vendors, overall mix of product/vendors, and overall aesthetic.
  • Booth display and presentation are big considerations for us. We look for vendors that put together nice booths and make the Arts Village look beautiful and inviting.
  • We look to have a variety of price points and categories/types of products featured. In an effort to minimize over saturation of one particular product, we may deny a vendor if we feel we have too many vendors in that category.
  • Product and displays must be consistent with what is on your application. This is outlined in a contract given to those that are accepted. If you misrepresent yourself in any way in your application or other information, we will remove you from the show without a refund.
  • If accepted you will be notified via email, and more information including space assignments and pricing will be sent to you.
  • Upon acceptance a map of space assignments will be sent to you. You will be allowed to send us requested spaces, but ultimately the Marketplace team will decide on your location.
  • Once assignments are made, invoices will be sent, and deposits will be due within two weeks. All other booth fees will be scheduled out and sent to you for payment.


Approximate Fees:
10×10 Space – $650 (inclusive of tent with sidewalls)
*Inquire about pricing for larger spaces and non-profit organizations.


Email for questions or more info. To learn more details and to submit your application, CLICK HERE.