Deadline to Apply: December 17, 2023 by 12 pm EST 

We are looking for around 10-12 artist/makers to create artwork out of upcycled materials that lights up or incorporates light. The end product could be a functional lamp, chandelier, or light fixture, but it could also be a 2D or 3D art piece that uses/emits light. Previous knowledge or work with electrical fixtures would be helpful, as these pieces must be safe to be on and in use. We aim for this exhibition to be an experience for the viewer and be a fun space to explore. Our GalleRE space is all about featuring artwork incorporating reused materials and we encourage any artist regardless of past experience with upcycled materials to apply. We just ask that they be open to working with alternative materials for this particular show. You never know you may love it! Accepted artists will have an opportunity to explore our Materials Marketplace to be inspired by our variety of normal and unusual donations to incorporate into their work.


After being accepted to participate, Resource Depot will provide all the artists with 2 complimentary bins/shopping experiences to our Materials Marketplace for sourcing of their materials. We also will provide a base light fixture that could be used, but not required. We have about 33 of these for use by chosen artists.


Exhibition Dates: March 14, 2024 – April 27, 2024


Entry Requirements: 


  • New or established artist with quality body of artwork
  • Experience in electrical work a plus
  • Completed application
  • Openness to reuse materials
  • Must be able to make a safe and functional lighted piece with good craftsmanship



No restriction in the type of media used for artwork, we only ask that work must incorporate 70% or more reusable/repurposed/recycled/reclaimed content. You may use items that did not come from Resource Depot as well. Whatever media you choice, final product must incorporate light (preferably AC / DC powered, so batteries do not need to be replaced)


Send any question to: Chelsea Odum Director of Education & Artist Relations at


Deadline to Apply: December 17, 2023 by 12 pm EST


To learn more details and to submit your application, CLICK HERE.