the power of pollinations


Applications will open on October 6
Entry Deadline: 1/5/24


About the Exhibition:
Beyond Blossoms: The Power of Pollinators seeks to celebrate the significance of pollinators such as bees, butterflies, birds, bats, and more. These underappreciated creatures play a pivotal role in the reproduction of countless plant species, making them an essential part of our natural world. Through this exhibition, visiting curators Wendy DesChene and Jeff Schmuki will shed light on the ecological, cultural, symbolic, and aesthetic dimensions of pollinators.


About the Curators:
Wendy DesChene (Métis Nation Canada) and Jeff Schmuki (USA) operate as PlantBot Genetics Inc., a satirical parody of agricultural corporations manipulating food production systems. Using tactical media and public space to promote critical thinking on environmental issues, they highlight the consequences of a disconnected and wasteful world. Through humorous robot-plant hybrids, they connect the public with ecological concerns and inspire engagement through art, technology, and civic action.


Submission Guidelines:
Submissions of artworks in various forms, including but not limited to: painting, sculpture, photography, works on paper, installations, digital art and video, crafts and textiles are all welcome.


Themes to Explore:

Artists are encouraged to interpret the theme broadly. Possible avenues of exploration include:


  • The ecological importance of pollinators
  • The cultural and symbolic significance of pollinators in art and mythology
  • The intricate and mesmerizing behavior of pollinators
  • The challenges facing pollinators in our changing environment
  • The role of pollinators in agriculture, food security, and economic impact


How to Submit:


  • Applications will open on October 6
  • All applications must be submitted through Cafe Call to Artists
  • High-resolution images (two views for 3D) of your artwork.
  • A brief artist statement explaining how your work relates to the theme.
  • Your contact information (name, email, phone number, and website, if applicable).


Exhibition Dates: April 19 – June 21, 2024


Location: Cultural Council for Palm Beach County, 601 Lake Ave., Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460


  • Selected artworks will be showcased in a dynamic and thought-provoking exhibition curated by Wendy DesChene and Jeff Schmuki. Beyond Blossoms: The Power of Pollinators. The curators aim to inspire conversations, raise awareness, and foster a deeper connection to the natural world through the artistic lens. Join us in celebrating these unsung heroes of our ecosystems and highlighting their vital role in shaping the beauty and diversity of our world.


Eligibility Criteria: Only Palm Beach County based artists are eligible to apply.


Entry Deadline: 1/5/24

For more information please contact Jessica Ransom at or call 561-472-3336


To learn more and submit your application, CLICK HERE.