It’s Time to Fully Fund All 62 2022-2023 Division of Arts & Culture Grants in Palm Beach County

The Florida Department of State (DOS) Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) recommends funding 752 vetted, matching grants across the state at a total investment of $69.2 million in the 2022/2023 budget.

Recommended grants go through a rigorous vetting process by DAC staff for eligibility and hundreds of volunteer arts professionals for excellence, impact, management, and accessibility. Awardees must provide quarterly and final reports accounting for all grant funds and matching expenditures as well as program deliverables.

Among the total request, there are 62 grants recommended to nonprofit arts, science, and history organizations in Palm Beach County for a total of $8.6 million, over 12% of the full funding request, in four areas: Cultural Endowment (2 grants), Cultural Facilities (9 grants), General Program Support (46 grants) and Specific Project Support (8 grants).

The Cultural Council and its Cultural Advocacy Alliance recommends full funding of all projects. This funding cycle will be critical in the COVID-19 recovery effort. National studies indicate that the cultural sector was one of the hardest hit industries and that it will be among the slowest to recover.

These grants support a vibrant sector in the state:

  • $9 to $1 return on investment to local and state government (when 100% funded)
  • Over $4.7 billion economic impact
  • Supports over 227,000 jobs ~ Americans for the Arts
  • Attract over 70 million residents and tourists annually (#1 tourism driver Among Millennials, Gen X & Boomers) ~ Destination Analysis
  • Arts and cultural offerings are a key indicator of livability ~ Florida Chamber of Commerce
  • Higher GPAs & Test Scores ~ Florida Center for Fine Arts Education

Funding partnerships are critical to a nonprofit’s sustainability and the community’s access to the arts.

Last year (2021/2022 budget), the DAC grant program was funded at $26.7 million (full funding request was $67.8 million). Palm Beach County received $2.3 million in grants. The DCA grant program has not been fully funded since 2014/2015.