The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County (Council) commissioned this study to assess contributions made by the county’s nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, (referred to herein as cultural organizations), to the School District of Palm Beach County (District) and other Palm Beach County schools. The programs and services inventoried through this study of the 2016‐2017 school year illustrate education outside the District budget. Never before has there been an inventory of this kind in Palm Beach County, and this is a first step toward a comprehensive approach to understanding and planning for the system.

Arts Education Survey 2018 infographicCultural organizations were asked to complete a survey about the types of cultural education they provided both during and outside of the school day to students and teachers in the District and other learning locations, as well as instructional time, budgets, and staffing dedicated to education.

This pilot study provides a record of education delivered by 47 Palm Beach County nonprofit cultural organizations that responded to the survey in 2018 of their PreK‐12 education activities during the 2016‐2017 school year. This sample represents roughly 60% of all Palm Beach County cultural organizations providing education services. It is a first step toward better understanding the relationship between the cultural sector and the District and how to strengthen that relationship for the benefit of all students and educators.

The results of this research were discussed during an October 9, 2018 workshop led by the Council with representative from the participating organizations and the District. The group focused on their discussion on three questions:

  • How can this type of information be leveraged for support of arts and cultural education?
  • How can organizations work more collaboratively on arts and cultural education?
  • What other data or resources do we need to better understand impact, develop strategies for advancing arts and cultural education, and communicating the results of the study?