Debi MarttinenAsk Debora Marttinen why she enjoys the art of designing jewelry and she responds without hesitation.

“It’s passionate, different, and gives me inner peace,” said Marttinen of Jupiter. “I have always been creative so designing comes natural to me.”

She said she realized she was an artist early. “It comes out in everything I do,” she said, “from cooking to decorating.”

Marttinen recalled her very first art work explaining when in the first grade her teacher brought one of her drawings to the principal’s office. “…because apparently, it was so creative,” she said.

Her jewelry creations are unique and ornate, made with natural gemstones of silver, copper, crystals, turquoise and coral.

“I make other items but let’s face it, everyone loves jewelry!” she said.

She realized she could sell her art when people would comment on her original jewelry creations she wore – and ask her to make them something.

“When someone wants one of my creations is affirmation of being an artist, I suppose,” she said.

She makes her jewelry in her design shop and studio Wild Indigo Designs that she opened five years ago in Jupiter. There, she offers classes to jewelers of every skill level from novice to professional.

“We as artists seem to see something and interpret it in our own way,” she said. “My favorite thing is to have a workshop with other artists and bounce ideas off each other.”

She enjoys working with clients on special custom orders too, and reworking vintage jewelry to give it a more updated feel, she said.

“I encourage clients to give their input on design so tts he finished product is a reflection of their ideas, orchestrated by skill. “This is probably the most rewarding and challenging way to create.”

Marttinen explains why she draws her inspiration from nature.

“Mother Nature creates one-of-a-kind beauty,” she said, “and I like to do the same.”

Find jewelry creations by Debora Marttinen for sale in the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County’s Roe Green Uniquely Palm Beach Store in Downtown Lake Worth, and online at and Facebook at Wild Indigo Designs.