art&culture magazine - Winter 2018Supporting the arts means, most importantly, giving a voice to those individuals who dedicate their lives to it—the artists! Jen Fisher is the talented painter, illustrator and designer who won our commemorative cover contest for art&culture magazine for the Winter 2018 issue. Her winning work, “Pretty in Pink,” features a stunning rendition of our headquarters colored in, you guessed it, pink.

We asked Jen a few questions for our inaugural edition of the Council’s newsletter, Cultural Communiqué.

How did you get started as an artist?

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts. Following graduation, I worked as a commercial interior designer in New York City and as an advisor with the New York School of Interior Design. Wanting to design on a smaller scale and experiment with other mediums, I began designing jewelry and created an architecturally inspired jewelry line. I continue to design jewelry, teach art to children and now am passionate about creating art on canvas.

Which area of Palm Beach County do you live/work in?

I live in Boca Raton. I mostly work throughout Palm Beach County and I occasionally do some work in New York City.

Which artist most inspires you?

I am inspired by a broad range of artists. I see art everywhere, from the mundane household items to the most extravagant exhibitions. If I had to choose some of my favorites, they would be Ugo Rondinone, Antoni Gaudi and Missoni for the creative ways they work with materials and color.

What’s your favorite arts & cultural spot to visit in Palm Beach County?

I love being at the Old School Square and the Cornell Art Museum. There are so many exciting events offered for families and the museum is the perfect place to see great contemporary art in a friendly and intimate setting.

Why go with pink for the cover of art&culture?

The color pink is associated with so many positive things like comfort, hope and kindness. When I think of Florida, pink and green come to mind. I wanted to dress the building up “Florida style” and also represent the art and culture of Palm Beach County in the spirit of pink and its positivity.

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