African Orphan Educational Foundation invites artists in the Palm Beach County area to contribute illustrations to our Children’s Story/Coloring Book and Literacy Project for Africa.

Simple illustrations of village life will accompany the children’s story to literacy in the regions we serve. Artists completing a Commitment Form will be asked to submit illustration(s) reflecting the local culture in a style similar to initial samples provided.

Once commitments are received, artists will be provided a summary of the entire children’s book, the written portion of the story to appear opposite their page(s), suggestions of culturally appropriate visual imagery to appear on their page, and access to images and videos from the region to help them reflect the local culture/lifestyle in all illustrations.


  • Illustration must be no larger than 7″ x 8.5” inches.
  • Larger illustrations will be re-sized to fit.
  • Illustration must be in black, allowing space for the children to color.
  • Each illustration should be signed by the artist.
  • Submit a high resolution scan of your illustration to Melissa Carter, with a copy to Kathie Kreh,
  • Deadline for commitment is June 30, 2021.
  • Deadline for art submission is July 30, 2021.

Inquiries in advance of the artist’s commitment or the final deadline for illustrations can be directed to either Melissa Carter or Kathie Kreh.