The City of West Palm Beach requests qualifications from professional artists or professional artist teams to create an original public art mural for a major entry point into the City of West Palm Beach’s downtown corridor. The City has partnered with Florida Power & Light Company to accommodate a public art mural. The theme of the project is “Florida Flora.” The colorful foliage of South Florida will inspire the design.


Heading east on Okeechobee Boulevard towards Downtown West Palm Beach is a large wall on the south east corner of Okeechobee Blvd between Australian Avenue west of Parker Avenue. The wall serves as an entry point to the City’s downtown corridor and is owned by Florida Power & Light (“FPL”). While the entire wall is 370 linear square feet, the City is requesting that only a central focal area of the wall be used. A trickling effect to the extended walls is encouraged. The work will be seen mostly by vehicular travelers and therefore the work will be viewed at a speed of 40mph. The location is highly visible and will be seen by approximately 64,000 motorists per day. The artwork site will not be accessible to pedestrians; therefore, the work should be fully contained within the designated site.


  • Be inspired by the colorful foliage of South Florida and reflect the area while creating a visually positive image while entering the downtown corridor.
  • The artwork is of high artistic quality.
  • The design is expressive and echoes the theme of the project.
  • It becomes a visual identifier as an entry point to the City.
  • The proposed work is appropriate for the site in terms of scale, design, and materials.

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