Juried Group Wearable Art Accessories Exhibition! A show to highlight the extra flares we add to our wardrobe, the accoutrements, the accessories, or as we like to think of it the wearable art! This is an open call to artists far and wide to make wearable art out of upcycled materials. If you already have something made that fits the below criteria, please submit it. This is truly a call for the accessory part of wearable art, this show will be joined by upcycled student outfits, so we are looking for jewelry, hats, belts, bags, scarfs, gloves, any item to be worn in addition to clothing, so no dresses, suits, tops or bottoms. Accepted artists will be given a shopping bin for our Materials Marketplace. All applications will be reviewed by a panel of 4-5 judges, judges are local artists and art professionals that are familiar with our mission and the goal behind this exhibition.

Show dates – March 31, 2023 – May 13, 2023

Entry Requirements:  

  • New or established artist with quality artwork.
  • Experience in making wearable art or accessories encouraged
  • Completed application 
  • Openness to reuse materials in Artwork
  • Any work mailed to us must have the artist name and address on the item shipped
  • Artwork created must be a wearable accessory and incorporate 50% or more reusable/repurposed/recycled/reclaimed content

Deadline for artist to apply Sunday, December 11, by 11:59 PM

For further details and a link to the application: https://www.resourcedepot.org/worn-call

Send any question to: Chelsea Odum, Director of Education & Artist Relations at codum@resourcedepot.org

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