The West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority (DDA), with the support from the West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District (A&E), 501(c)3 is requesting proposals from qualified vendors for public space activations and installations for an exciting opportunity in Downtown West Palm Beach.

We are searching for placemakers, artists, innovators, creatives, curators, improv experts, entrepreneurs, or any multidisciplinary team, that can create a large-scale urban experience, be it an installation, performance, a hybrid, or anything else in your imagination that you may dream of that reflects the “Next Big Thing” for Downtown West Palm Beach.

Your urban experience should be interactive, unique, artistic, must happen in a public space inside the downtown boundaries, and include a creative message, full of visual impact that complements the surrounding area and ignites the community’s imagination. To be completed in Winter 2022/Spring 2023.



Any individual or team interested in creating a large-scale urban experience, to begin in Winter 2022/Spring 2023, may submit a proposal in accordance with the guidelines provided below.

  • Individuals or teams may submit more than one proposal.
  • The project must be original to the team.
  • The final project must be positive and suitable for viewing by all ages.
  • The lead applicant must be 18 years or older.

We will not accept proposals that:

  • Are plagiarized, stolen, or copied from another source.
  • Proposals must not include language or imagery that is or could be interpreted as obscene, violent, or discriminatory.
  • If creating a visual project, it may not use any logos or text considered advertising or copyright-protected symbols or icons.

Proposals are due by July 15, 2022.

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