This endeavor represents a big, bold, creative arts project. We envision 2,900 square feet of new, creative public art—bold, emotive murals in the heart of Broward County. The mural designs will be printed directly onto Dibbon metallic panels and attached to the exteriors of 1,535 square feet of The Residences at Equality Park and 1,245 square feet of The Pride Center’s existing Schubert Building.

The murals will be highly visible from Dixie Highway, a busy urban corridor in the heart of Broward and the murals will also adorn the main Schubert Building of The Pride Center. Nine other organizations are headquartered and serve their clientele on the Equality Park campus. Currently, between 1,000 and 2,000 people utilize services on the campus daily, which serves as a vibrant, vital hub for the community—a welcoming, inclusive, popular, highly utilized public space for daily engagement and interaction among diverse peoples. Clients and visitors use the outdoor spaces on campus to enjoy lunch, meet a neighbor, host weddings, gather for candlelight vigils, throw parties, chat with a sponsor, memorialize a loved one and listen to live music. Every visitor will experience the arts in a visceral, visible way when they see these murals. Imagine the impact of these creative, transformative, unique, professional murals – not only for the new residents – but also for the thousands of community members who visit regularly!

DEADLINE: June 15, 2020

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