The spread of false information, conspiracy theories, and health misinformation in our communities have left a seemingly insurmountable rift. RUMOR HAS IT: (MIS) INFORMATION is an open call for artwork that explores themes of duplicity and mistrust between ourselves, within our communities, and country. The exhibition will be on display from October 1 to 31.

The deadline for submissions is September 1st, 2021. Selected artists will be notified by September 8, 2021.

Northwest Regional Exhibit Space (in Coral Springs) offers South Florida artists an opportunity to exhibit their work in a prominent, high-traffic area in the library. All art forms and mediums will be considered, as long as the subject matter is in line with the themes of the exhibit, and appropriate for all public library visitors. Due to the layout of the exhibit space, artwork that projects more than 6″ from the wall, and 3D work larger than 30”H x 17.5”W will not be considered. Selected artists must commit to displaying their work for the full length of the exhibit (October 1st to the 31st).