The RDCS Renovation Project will update the facility including improvements to the stadium public spaces, new clubhouses, batting tunnels and maintenance facilities. Fawley Bryant is seeking to commission an Artist or Artist Team (Artist) to design, permit, fabricate and install are that celebrates the spirit of baseball, RDCS past and present history and community connectivity. Art element’s installation and construction shall be designed and engineered by licensed Florida design professional(s). Art shall be designed and built to comply with the Florida.

Submission of Shortlist Application; the Artist must email a complete Shortlist Application to Shane Johnson, Senior Project Manager, Fawley Brayant Architects at; subject line: “RDCS-Renovations-AiPP_Call to Artist”.

Shortlist Application must be received no later than 2:00pm EDT; May 31, 2023. No late applications will be reviewed.

To learn more details and how to apply, please download the official call for artists below.