Heaven/Hell, Yin/Yang, masculine/feminine, positive/negative, light/dark, split identities, God/Devil, fire/ice, earth/water, love/hate, young/old, and following the ancient axiom: “As Above So Shall It Be Below,” Primal Disposition II: Dual Dilemma seeks to showcase works of art that deal with the concept of Duality that are are raw, dark, religious, emotive, primitive, earthen, sexual, sensory, confrontational, instinctual.  We are also looking for work that is primal in the materials used: foundational, basic, primary, elemental, and/or not of this world…

We accept works from emerging, mid-career, and/or professional artists. Work should somehow relate to the theme of the show.

Eligibility:  18+ USA and Canada

“Primal Disposition II” In-Person opening reception party will be held Saturday, October 8th, at 6 PM.  Special live performance or DJ will accompany the event.

About the Gallery:

Vestige Concept Gallery specializes in curated monthly mixed exhibition opportunities that appeal to diverse range of artists, audiences, and buyers. Located in Lawrenceville, the new cultural heart of Pittsburgh, PA,  the Gallery seeks to showcase the best of emerging and professional artist talent from across North America, and sell work at affordable prices through promotions and in-person events.  

For full details and to apply, please visit the application link.  

Application Link and Full Details: https://artist.callforentry.org/festivals_unique_info.php?ID=10696

OR:  https://vestigegallery.com/primal2/

Deadline To Apply:  09/24/2022

Show Runs:  10/08/2022- 11/13/2022

Email questions:  contact@vestigegallery.com

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