Mail art became popular in the 1960’s with artists like Marcel Duchamp, sending postcards with poems or drawing on them. As a Creative Reuse Center, mail art seems very natural since artists often were reusing found materials from their spaces to create these small works of art. Mail Art can be a way to work with other artists, spread your art to far away places and bring a surprise to  unsuspecting recipients.  During this time, receiving something other than bills and junk mail can be a true gift, so we want artists to make mail art that can be exhibited together. Artists can choose to make one piece to mail to us, or send to another artist(s) to collaborate on and then mail the collaboration to us. 


Deadline for artist to apply Saturday, May 29 , 2021 by 11:59 PM – After artists apply they will receive an email confirming participation​

Entry Requirements:

  • New or established artist with quality artwork.
  • Completed application
  • Openness to reused materials
  • Work created must fit size restriction and artist is willing to pay for shipment to us.
  • All work mailed to us must have the artist name and address on the item shipped.

No restriction in the type of media used for artwork, we only ask that work must incorporate 50% or more reusable/repurposed/recycled/reclaimed content. Local artist may come get items from Resource Depot, but encourage sourcing from your own home maybe even your own mail. You can even alter a piece of artwork you already made. Don’t be afraid to use the materials you normally do.

Think about the history of mail art, and maybe where you see it going in the future. There is no real prompt, but if one is needed think about where you are in life, a message you want to spread or how you feel right now. With the way this year has been we hope that artist have something positive to share.

While we are open to artistic expression, we serve families and are a multi-use space & must make our GalleRe content suitable for that environment. Resource Depot reserves the right to not display any work unsuitable for a younger audience.

Work Size:

Postcard size –

  • At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick (About $0.36 to ship)
  • No more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick
  • Artist may choose to mail a postcard by itself or in an envelope (having the postage and markings can add to the idea of mail art, but this is up to the artists)

Letter/card sized and fits an envelope-

  • At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick. (One stamp to ship, but weigh to be sure)
  • No more than 12-1/2 inches high x 9-1/2 inches long (Priority mail flat rate envelope $ 8.55 to ship)

Small box-

  • No box bigger than 8-11/16 inches high x 5-7/16 inches long x 1-3/4 inches thick (Priority mail flat rate box $8.45 to ship)
  • Artwork could include part of the shipping container, could have front and back.

​Upon acceptance, artist agrees to:

  • Postmarked before or by Friday, June 4 , 2021
  • Artwork will be for sale, 40% of artwork sale goes to support our programs as a non-profit and artists can opt to donate the entirety of sale. We will encourage purchased work to mailed to other to help spread things even further.
  • Show Opening on Friday, June 25, 2021 from 5pm – 7pm (Virtual and/or in Person TBD)
  • Keep work in exhibition until show closes on Saturday, August 14, 2021
  • Whatever artwork has not sold, Local Artist could pick up work Monday August 16, 9am-5pm, out of state artists we can work to mail art back if desired.

A commission of 40% of the selling price will be retained for any item sold from any exhibition sponsored by Resource Depot. This includes those sold within 30 days of the close of the exhibit. Price work accordingly. Checks will be released for any sales within

7-10 business days of exhibition closing dates to the attention of artist at the address provided. For this exhibition artist may opt to have the entirety of the sale be donated. To learn more about what we do:

Our Space:
Our GalleRE is about 20’ X 20’ with 3 movable gallery walls, so the size does flex from one show to the next. The space has three

6′ x 6′ windows, which provide excellent natural light as well as a wonderful space to exhibit in. Our GalleRE has two white concert walls and two movable drywall walls (8′ x 8′ each). For the concert walls and the window spaces we have a track system for hanging, which just requires artwork to have two high positioned D-rings on the back for hanging. We have raw grey concrete floors to act as a blank canvas for emerging artists. Our Space is open air to a warehouse ceiling that is 19′. For less color interference, the GalleRE track lighting has daylight LED bulbs.

We have glass double doors that measure 82″ x 69″ to enter our building so items must fit through them. Outside our building we have a ramp allowing for easy unloading/loading of larger artwork, the ramp width is 4′.

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