The Boynton Beach Arts & Cultural Center presents its first free open house event, Fall into the Arts! This free event will be a celebration of the arts in our community, highlighting the program and activities offered at the Arts & Cultural Center, and a demonstration of what makes Boynton Beach a great place to live. Featuring art, music, dance, and cultural program demos and performances from our talented instructors, plus; hands-on art making, ukulele jam sessions, a Story Slam competition, an all-ages chess tournament, and a live DJ, presenting a variety of activities and events to inspire and engage our audience.

As a showcase of happenings in Boynton Beach and surrounding area, this event will bring adults, children, families, seniors and out of towners together under one roof. In addition to artist vendors, a highlight will be the eateries serving their specialties from local culinary scene.

Download the form for more info. Deadline for applications is September 7, 2021.