Entry Deadline: 6/30/23

Project Description
The Clearwater CRA is charged with implementing the downtown vision for Clearwater, Florida, which is the city’s historical center. The 2018 Downtown Redevelopment Plan recommends the use of public art to create a high-quality, vibrant, and welcoming public realm. As part of its public art strategy, the CRA is commissioning artists to enhance the outdoor environment through the creation of new public art installations.  

Artwork Medium 
Mosaic Tile and Painted Murals. At minimum, 60% of the artwork should be completed in mosaic tile with paint used to accent and enhance the mosaic work.

Mosaic/Mural Locations
This project contains multiple spaces for art throughout the plaza.

Art Goals
The City of Clearwater and the CRA are seeking experienced mosaic and mural artists with a strong point of view and the ability to create complex, engaging designs. Unique designs are encouraged. Artists are asked to design an installation that embraces the name of this public space, “The Mercado,” and is in tune with the local community that resides in the Downtown Gateway. The final designs must go beyond the simple visual representation of an object or event and should celebrate that this is a multifaceted space serving a wide variety of activities and events for the community.

Budget: $75,000
The selected artist, or artist team, will be awarded a comprehensive contract for The Mercado. The artist will be responsible for artwork design, fabrication, materials, installation, insurance, travel, public presentations, meetings with City of Clearwater staff as necessary, identification plaque, and all related incidental expenses. 

Selection Process
A selection panel consisting of a Public Art & Design Board representative, a CRA representative, the City of Clearwater Arts and Cultural Affairs Coordinator, a City of Clearwater Neighborhoods Department representative, as well as local art professionals, and community representatives will review artists’ proposals. Three finalists will be selected and will be required to provide final proposal designs (after feedback from the panel) and budget. The 3 finalists will be paid a stipend of $1,000 for their final proposal. Final artist selection will be made after public voting at the Mercado Grand Opening event. This call is open to artists and teams of artists with professional experience in public art mosaics and murals who are Florida residents. 

Entry Deadline: 6/30/23
For full details and to apply, please visit the Application Link.

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