The City of Boynton Beach Public Art Program seeks an artist to join the design team for the new 60-acre Quantum Eco Park at approximately 3111 Quantum Blvd, Boynton Beach, Florida. The artist will provide the following services:

Develop affordable artistic ideas for the new Eco Park in collaboration with the design team for the current and future park development. In the first phase, the artistic ideas can be implemented without significant additional cost to the construction ofthe landscape or park elements. The artistic ideas for future park development may include direct artist creations such as sculptures or ornamental gateways.

These future creations may be artworks by the contracted artist or other artists. The artist will prepare a visual document of ideas that can be presented to the Art Advisory Board for review and approval. The illustrations of ideas for the first phase must be sufficient for incorporation by the design team into construction documents. All the first phase ideas should be acceptable to the design team, Public Art Manager, the Director of Recreation and Parks, Director of Public Works and City Manager.

For purposes of clarity, the following are the types design modifications that might be possible in the first phase:

  • Direction, shape and topping of hardscape such as sidewalks or shelter floors
  • The clearing of existing or installation of new trees, palms & other plants
  • The use of earthmoving equipment to make berms or retention areas.
  • The sandblasting, imprinting or staining surfaces such as sidewalk, benches, rocks, etc.
  • The reuse of existing stones, or if affordable, the acquisition of stones.
  • The shaping or modifying dead or dying trees.
  • The placement and method of lighting.
  • The design of directional or interpretative signage.
  • Affordable additions to benches, shelters, lamppost, etc such as laser or waterjet cut shapes

As a member of the design team, the artist will participate in any public presentations. If the artist wishes to engage members of the Boynton Beach community in a dialogue about the park and its elements, the artist must secure the approval of the Public Art Manager who will confer with other City departments.

Application Deadline: November 1, 2021 at 5 p.m.