Here’s your chance to create something really different!  Books can be created in all kinds of media…sculptures, video, painting, mixed media, animations…your minds the limit!

A juried exhibition celebrating the book as art. Visual artist have for centuries created illuminated manuscripts, visual journals, art books, sculptures and other renditions and interpretations of “book.”

Since antiquity the creation and construction of books, be they bound or loses sheets, has served as an important and vital means of documenting and preserving culture with text and/or imagery.

From the original scrolls of Ancient Egypt created on papyrus to the magnificent sculptural books of Anselm Kiefer created of lead sheets- the book has taken many forms.

This year Art Synergy will present Bibilo 2020 at the Art Palm Beach Fair.

Juror: John Cutrone, Director, Jaffe Center for Book Arts, Florida Atlantic University Wimberly Library

John Cutrone is Director of the Jaffe Center for Book Arts at Florida Atlantic University Libraries, as well as a partner in Lake Worth’s Convivio Bookworks, a book arts studio specializing in limited edition letterpress printed books and broadsides. He is the author of the Convivio Book of Days blog, which explores the quirkier side of seasonal traditions, encouraging us to live the ceremony of each day

The deadline to apply is December 27, 2019

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