APPLICATION DEADLINE is Saturday, April 15th, at Midnight (MST)

It’s that time of the year again!  The 3rd Annual New Appalachia Exhibition seeks to capture the modern, contemporary, and innovative artistic experiences surrounding the Appalachia region and beyond.  This year, the show will be curated by Jeffrey Smith, a benefactor of the arts in the Pittsburgh region for over 20 years, and owner of Jeffrey Smith Salon! In addition to curating, Jeffrey will be selecting an artist to exhibit a solo exhibition at his boutique arts-salon at a date TBD, with an opening reception and exposure to his clientele, including sales. The New Appalachia exhibit is Vestige Concept Gallery’s annual spring contemporary showcase, bringing to life the latest and fresh perspectives of emerging talent for an audience of buyers, collectors, and the general public. 

We are seeking artwork from any medium, including Student, Emerging, Mid-Career, and/or Professional Artists.  Work should convey something “new” directionally, and may challenge viewers in their perspectives on the arts. Or, work could be a fresh take on a classic approach or a brand new work with a modern appeal that has yet to be revealed.  This Exhibit is all about the latest in contemporary styles and mediums!  Sculptural and 3D works are also welcomed to apply.  

The 3rd Annual New Appalachia Exhibition In-Person Opening Reception will be held Saturday, April 19th. A music performance event is also planned for May 13th.  The show runs through Memorial Day.

APPLICATION DEADLINE is Saturday, April 15th, at Midnight (MST)

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