Art Shift 2019 dancers
evenings at the council
JJ and the Florida Oranges - Pop-up in the Project Space
evenings at the council

At its core, arts & culture open our minds to new ways of thinking, and ultimately, new ways of doing – a fresh color palette to help us paint a new tomorrow. We believe that arts & culture are the lifeblood of thriving communities and we work hard to bring them to every corner of our county.  At CCPBC we are a business mentor, a marketing partner, a matchmaker, an advisor, a cultural expert and a financial benefactor.  We are a team of cultural architects growing and inspiring community by making arts & culture a part of everyday life, for everybody.

We give local artists a voice and a venue.

Upcoming Performances

Check back for updated event schedule and details

Stay tuned for more performances coming this Fall!

For musicians, dancers, and other creative professionals interested in having a performance at the Council:

The Council hires musicians, dancers, and other performing artists for events in our galleries and outdoor Project Space, as well as other special events throughout the year. The Council also refers musicians to our expanding list of venues for paid gigs. Our first source for finding these artists is the Council’s online directory, so we encourage all Palm Beach County performers to create a profile by contacting us

For more information related to Musician Services, visit our Artist Services page, or contact Marlon Foster at (561) 472-3338 or