Tracy Guiteau - Hindsight
Tracy Guiteau, Hindsight, 2020, Mixed media, 60 x 36 inches

Karibu: a celebration of black artists in Palm Beach County
January 18 – March 13
Member Preview Open House: January 16

Karibu (pronounced kah-ree-boo) means “welcome, come in” in Swahili. This celebratory concept of Black culture, not unlike the Southern tradition of Sunday dinner after church, invites everyone to embrace the journey of life and learn through the eyes and creativity of local Black artists.

This Harlem Renaissance-style exhibition is intended to build cultural bridges (not walls) between different communities.

Curated by ATB Fine Art Group, Inc.


Turgo Bastien
Caron Bowman
Anthony Burks, Sr.
Jamaal Clark
Dariel Donovan
Michelle Drummond
Eminent By Buera
Lee Glaze
Tracy Guiteau
Shica Hardy
Shawn Henderson
Andrew Hollimon
Lawrence Jean-Louis

Scott Jeffries
Kianga Jinaki
Lupe Lawrence
Ron Lawrence
Cynthia Simmons
Shani Simpson
Jahnoi Smith
Treal Toonz
Raquel Williams
Brian Wood
Gillian Kennedy Wright

Proceeds from artwork sales directly benefit local artists and support the Council’s mission to grow arts and culture in Palm Beach County.

Generously sponsored by:

Life in Palm Beach County - Samuel Spear - Pool Dancers
Samuel Spear, Pool Dancers (detail), 2019
Life in Palm Beach County - Palm Beach Photographic Centre

February 26 – March 26, 2021

The photographers in this exhibit were asked to submit works that epitomize some aspect of life in Palm Beach County. All of the participants are residents and were chosen by fashion, beauty, and lifestyle photographer Robert Farber. The images capture the people, energy, and lifestyle of sunny South Florida, from its beaches to its streets.


Ates Isildak - Natalie F Natalie F., 2020, Print (Edition 1 of 3), 24 x 36 inches

Ates Isildak

2020 South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellow

January 22 – February 20, 2021

Ates Isildak lives and works in Palm Beach County. His parents are both from Turkey. Ates received a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Central Florida, and is an alumnus of Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Using short films, music videos, and photography, Ates aims to create a safe space and medium in which marginalized communities can exuberantly express themselves.


Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center

Sandra Thompson - El Mirasol entry (detail)

Sandra Thompson: In Black and White

February 12 – March 19

Capturing the arched entries, ornate façades, lush vias, and tree-lined streets of Palm Beach on her colorful canvases has been a vow fulfilled by Sandra Thompson over many decades. Distilled to their essence, her meticulous pen and ink drawings of these same locales show a mastery of draftsmanship and an ability to capture in minute detail all that she observes. Thompson studied art and architecture at the Cooper Union in New York and, after moving to Fort Lauderdale in the early 1960s, became the first ever editorial artist at the Sun Sentinel.

Stephania Conrad - Lil Lucy Lil’ Lucy, 2020, watercolor on paper, 12 x 9 inches

Stephania Conrad: A Restrospective

January 8 – February 6

“I pour all that I know and feel into the marks on the page, the canvas, or into the shapes of the clay,” says Stephania Conrad.

“Striving for unity and classical beauty, I work toward harmony by integrating the physical and emotional aspects of a figure or a landscape. When inspired, I lose a sense of myself—and create the vision you see that is ultimately my product.”