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Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center

Main Gallery

Monochrome - Joel Cohen


October 31 through December 6

Monochrome is the use of a single color in a work of art. This seemingly simple process introduces many challenges for the artist. For the photographer, it requires an entirely new way of seeing. For example, the colors red and green, when translated into a monochromatic image, look almost exactly the same because of their position in the color spectrum. For the painter, variations of one color give an image form. It is a much more difficult task than simply adding a new color. For the sculptor, three dimensional shapes are vital to the final piece. The way light curves around a shape on a block of white marble gives it dimension. The challenge is to control those shapes from all viewing angles.

This exhibition demonstrates how 14 Palm Beach County artists have mastered this process in their own medium. Artists on display include Vincent Cacace, Joel Cohen, Misoo Filan, Mark Forman, Stephen Futej, Jacek Gancarz, William Halliday, Mimi Langlois, Kandy Lopez, Sally Ordile, Michael Price, Scherer & Ouporov, Thomas L Tribby and Harvey Zipkin.

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Re-purposed Re-seen - Bertrand Jubert (BeJu)


August 29 through October 18

Re-purposed / Re-seen is an exhibition in two parts and highlights the art of recycling. Artists utilize common objects and transform this refuse into works of art. In Re-purposed, traditional techniques such as collage, painting and assemblage are used and unusual materials such as coat hangers, magazines, clock parts, fence posts are included. Artists participating are Dennis Aufiery, Inna Babaeva, Steve Blackwood, Nicole Galluccio, Bertrand Jubert, Sandra Kuba, Deborah Meisel and Rose Shaw.

For the second part, Re-seen, the Cultural Council collaborated with Resource Depot, a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to support local educators and their students through the practice of creative reuse. Using discarded VHS cassette tapes offered at Resource Depot, artists living or working in Palm Beach County were asked to create a work of art for a juried display.

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Southern Exposure - Molly Aubry

Southern Exposure: New Work Now

June 20 through August 16

Highlighting 17 emerging and mid-career Palm Beach County artists, the Cultural Council and Unit1 have collaborated to bring rising talents together for the summer exhibition: Southern Exposure: New Work Now. This convergence of curatorial styles has produced an exemplary cross-section of the current art world’s process, thought, method and stance. This exhibition will include experimental painting techniques, photography, site-specific installations as well as performance art. New Work Nowrepresents a merging of scenes, a melding of styles and a continuation of community-driven support.

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En Plein Air - Brennan - Society of the Four Arts

En Plein Air

April 11 through June 7

En plein air is a French expression meaning “in the open air” and is used to describe the act of painting outdoors. Artists have long painted outdoors, but in the mid-19th century working in natural light became particularly important to the Barbizon school and to the Impressionists. Since the advent of social media in the last decade there has been a resurgence of plein air painting groups.

In this exhibition the Council will exhibit drawings and paintings produced by local artists at ten different scenic locations throughout the county. All “paintouts” were facilitated by Donna Walsh and Ralph Papa, Co-organizers of Palm Beach Plein Air Artists.

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Interior Design - The Florida Room - Gil Walsh Interiors

Interior Design: The Florida Room

January 31 through March 29

This exhibition will explore the work of nine Palm Beach County interior designers who have composed their concepts of the “Florida Room,” a unique living space that takes advantage of natural sunlight year-round while being protected from the elements. Cleverly named after our great state, a total of eight vignettes will be created inside the Council’s main gallery.

Guest curator: Joseph Pubillones

Participating Designers:
  • Susan Morgan
  • Stephen Mooney
  • Frank Randolph
  • Allan Reyes
  • Angela Reynolds
  • Nickie Siegel / Judy Weiss
  • Gil Walsh
  • William Wright

Support provided by:
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The Deep and the Shallow - Jim Abernethy

The Deep and the Shallow:
Photographers Exploring a Watery World

November 22, 2013 through January 18
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Palm Beach County’s coast is closer to the Gulf Stream than any other on the eastern seaboard. Man’s proximity to the deep has inspired many artists to capture the wonders of the sea through a camera lens. Salty images are not the only watery interpretations – many are also inspired by the marshes, rivers and lakes that are the start to the Everglades.

Artwork on display will feature conventional photographic techniques on land as well underwater methods that capture the spirit of the sea. Images will be presented in multiple formats: from traditional frames to prints face-mounted on Plexiglas to artwork inlayed on surfboards. The exhibition will include photographs from the areas most accomplished photographers as well as some emerging talents.

Featured photographers include:
  • Jim Abernethy
  • Tony Arruza
  • Alan Dewey
  • Alex Dreyfoos
  • JD Duff
  • Christopher Leidy
  • John Lopinot
  • Tony Ludovico
  • Jennifer Podis
  • Dave Snyder
  • Judy Townsend
  • Mark Widick

Support provided by:
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Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation Artist Resource Center

Solo exhibitions generously funded by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation JP Morgan Chase logo

Dena Lyons - Pioneer

Dena Lyons

November 22 through January 3

Graduating from The Dreyfoos School of the Arts in 1998, Dena Lyons continued her studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as well as the highly acclaimed Marchutz School of Painting and Drawing in Aix en Provence. Recently she has spent time working on internationally commissioned projects as well as showing in prominent galleries around the world. Andre Derain and the Fauves (the first painter group from France to break with Impressionistic tradition and use more bold, vibrant colors straight from the tube) are major influences of Lyons as well as David Hockney and Alice Neel. Her most recent work utilizes one object: a tree alone.

Carin Wagner - Tree Within The Leaf

Carin Wagner

November 22 through January 3

As light is an ephemeral concept, when used in art, the moment captured can be more important than the subject itself. Carin Wagner’s illuminated canvases capture more than just light-she captures the subject so realistically it almost seems tangible. Her inspiration comes from the natural beauty of the world around us. Wagner states: “As an artist I strive to paint each flower and leaf at its most magnificent moment. Taking great care with the fine details takes considerably more time than an impressionistic approach, but I feel it is the only way to do sufficient justice to these incredible gifts of nature.” Her work has won multiple awards and has been shown nationally.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation for The Everglades Education Fund and the Natural Science Education programs of MacArthur Beach State Park.

Free saplings donated by Native Choice Nursery
Hors d’oeuvres and wine donated by Whole Foods

Arthur R Marshall Foundation for the Everglades Native Choice Nursery Whole Foods Market

Dolores Kiriacon

Dolores Kiriacon

October 18 through November 15

From life to the inevitable decline of nature, Dolores Kiriacon photographs flowers, leaves and other natural forms throughout their life cycle. Hailing from Parsons School of Design in New York City, she has worked in the arts her entire life, from printmaking to bronze sculpting to architectural design, Kiriacon has currently settled on photography as her preferred medium. “My work is about seeing – seeing things like they haven’t been seen before,” she states. Working with lilies, dried leaves and various other dried fauna she finds along her walks, Kiriacon chronicles their life journey using a stark black background and a reflective surface that transforms these natural objects into a new life allowing the viewer to appreciate them in a new and different way.

Patricia Maguire - Beach Rock

Patricia Maguire

October 18 through November 15

As Patricia Maguire sees it: Art is nature as seen through the filter of emotions. Growing up in big cities in South America, she was surrounded by museums and other cultural enticements, Maguire later escaped to more natural landscapes from where she draws her painterly inspiration today. Maguire is involved in multiple arts organizations in Palm Beach County, has exhibited internationally and has been featured in national books and magazines. When not on location, she paints out of her studio in Delray Beach and currently teaches all media painting at Old School Square.

Sue Patterson - Hudson

Susan & James Patterson

October 18 through November 15

Sue Patterson, wife of best-selling author, James Patterson, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (B.S., M.F.A.) where she was also an All-American swimmer. Currently, Sue serves on the art and education boards at UW-Madison as well as the Dreyfoos School of the Arts and Palm Beach Day Academy. She was a senior vice president and art director for J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in New York for many years before moving to Florida. Recently, she has been working with her husband on the documentary, Murder of a Small Town, about Belle Glade, Florida, and Newburgh, New York. Sue says, “Jim communicates in words. I communicate in pictures. In this film? – we got to combine our talents. And I love the result.”


Richard Frank: A Look Back

August 29 through October 11

“Frank is a master of the watercolor medium. No one else is able to orchestrate gradations of color using the white of the paper as well as he, and always within ordinary meadow scenes, coastal views or whatever other bit of local landscape he decides to turn into art. He is the ultimate master at hiding all traces of the scaffolding upon which he erects his compositions. His entire oeuvre is directed at drawing our attention to the natural wonders that have enchanted him.”

Excerpt from the essay Translating the Principles of Nature: The Art of Richard Frank by George S. Bolge, CEO Museum of Art, Deland, Florida

Three Figuratively

Three Figuratively

June 20 through August 16

Figurative artwork has been practiced since man first began to draw primitively on stone. This exhibition examines the work of Yury Darashkevich, Jacques de Beaufort and Scherer/Ouporov who paint the human form in varying media and style. Working on canvas, wood and glass, each artist paints figurative images that are purely representational, fixed in an emotive state, or derived from a mythological construct.

Neubert - Such Liberties

Raymond P. Neubert

April 26 through May 24

Word play, expressionism and his own reality are what Raymond Neubert draws upon to create his “NeuArt” pieces. He fuses his learned artistic processes, from photography to ceramics to weaving, to create art that explores the relationship between his visual art and life. Neubert´s “NeuArt” began in 2010 when he combined drawing, colored ink and word play on lined paper in saturated colors. This West Palm Beach resident has exhibited in southeast Florida, the Washington D.C. area and northeast Ohio and now shows in Tequesta, FL; Silver Lake in Los Angeles, CA and Occoquan, VA.

Leora Klaymer Stewart - Life Cycle

Leora Klaymer Stewart

April 26 through May 24

Weaving as metaphor for life is a common association and no exception with the work of Leora Klaymer Stewart. Her woven vessels are reminiscent of forms found in nature and can be seen as holding secrets, emptiness or even generative possibilities. She refers to them as “transitional fabrications” which can also be interpreted as life cycles. Working with Steve Spring from the Palm Beach Photographic Center who shot and printed images on silk, a large installation of “Entanglements”, inspired by the Banyan tree, will embody a woven rendering of growth and expansion—again embracing the metaphor for life. Stewart graduated with her MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, twice won a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and taught at the Fashion Institute of Technology for over 20 years. This Palm Beach artist continues to teach and create her woven masterpieces.

Barbara Macklowe

Barbara Macklowe

March 22 through April 19

Light and its elusive quality has always been a source of fascination and wonder. Barbara Macklowe is an artist “painting with light.” Her work exhibits emotion and raw beauty and she treats the object, the light and the space in between in full color. She says, “I think, see and dream in color. My photography is a meditation allowing me to become one with the subject.” Her background in antiques and decorative arts allows her eye to capture images and moments that are striking and uniquely her own.

Cynthia Maronet

Cynthia Maronet

March 22 through April 19

Having her studio directly out her front door is a luxury Cynthia Maronet does not take for granted. The lush and tropical landscape is her muse and a perpetual source of inspiration. With a background in business and economics, it was not until the early 1990’s that she pursued her true calling as a painter. Her artistic liberties have no constraints and her passion for knowledge, travel and her ever-present joie de vivre offer her work the vibrancy and acclaim that it deserves.

Steve Horan - Larry C

Steve Horan

February 15 through March 15

“Environmental portraiture” is how Steve Horan describes his latest series, People of Yellowstone. Horan’s goal is to capture the spirit of the people whose lives and work center around Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding ecosystem. The project pairs Horan’s portraits with text by award-winning writer Ruth W. Crocker for a forthcoming coffee table book. Ninety subjects have been documented to date, with over 30 to come in 2014. Since 2005, it has been Horan’s focus to work on long-term projects that engage and stimulate the viewer, creating a personal connection with each subject.

Ben Georgia

Ben Georgia

February 15 through March 15

Embracing an honest modernist approach, Ben Georgia paints his canvases to reflect the true sense of the movement – traditional artistic styles of the past being thrown out and new concepts utilized to relfect the burgeoning industrial and technological environment. His upbringing in Jersey City, NJ molded the urban driven intention of his work that modernism encompasses, impacting its visceral energy with modulating harmonic color interactions. Working also with pictorial structure and spatial illusion, Georgia paints directly from his emotions as he reacts with Life’s experiences, his memories and his uncommon knowledge of the history of art but always with integrity and great feeling for life.

Joel Cohen - 59 Caddy

Joel Cohen

January 11 through February 8

Since the age of twelve, Joel Cohen has had his eye buried in a camera viewfinder. With his thirty-plus year career in graphic design and fifteen years on the board of the Soho Photo Gallery in New York City, Cohen has focused his training, exposure and technical skills on fine art photography. In shooting an image he finds there is no need to heavily manipulate his compositions in post-production as he uses the viewfinder to preserve its integrity. Shapes, shadows, texture and angles dominate his 256 Shades of Grey black and white photographic series. Cohen has shown extensively in Manhattan and South Florida and is housed in public and private collections in the United States and Europe.

Deborah Stern

Deborah Stern

January 11 through February 8

The effortless lyricism Deborah Stern applies to her work stands prominent throughout her collection. The graceful elegance of line and purity of form are comingled with the application of patina and polished metal. Stern pairs her work with the award-winning poet, Desmond Sequeira, which breathes a newly formed life into each sculpture. Stern has been a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors since 1994 and has exhibited in numerous exhibitions internationally, most notably the Royal Academy in London seven times.